Voter Suppression: A Case Study in Republican Party Hypocrisy

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Let me first point out that this video is two years old.  Let me add to that, the facts remain virtually identical.  Finally, you will notice the video has sourced and cited material as well as nothing but Republican's on the record. We didn't make the video and on first blush, it doesn't appear to be partisan in nature.

So while Dan Gattis, Linda Harper-Brown, Betty Brown, and a few other conservatives want you to believe there is a serious problem that needs fixing, the reality is, Senate Bill 362 is bad.  Real bad.

Opposition to Senate Bill 362 runs deep. Non-partisan groups, trade organizations, Democrats and Republicans all agree that voter suppression legislation is overly broad, overly burdensome, and a waste of the taxpayers money and legislators time.  Yet the House is in gridlock because a bill many disagree with sits on the calendar.

As Phil Martin has pointed out again and again and again, Republicans control the House, the general calendar, the Senate, and they control every part executive system in Texas.  Instead of working towards a compromise in the Senate, the Republican Party broke the long standing 2/3rds rule to make force this bill out.

Now, the House is in log jam and they want to blame Democrats.  The same Democrats who are standing up to protect your right to vote.

The Texas Democratic Party has a few points to make too.  


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