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    • it wasnt
      funny when you said it about Hillary Clinton and, guess what, its still not funny.

      Kerry was a bad candidate but he would have been a good president and he is doing a lot of great work in the senate now.

  1. ProveOurDemocracy on

    John Kerry as President would have been a world better. Even Candidacy was Statesman-like and Solution Oriented.
    Kerry's speaking style was slow and measured with ideas and feeling, suitable for adults. This was derided while Bush's speaking style of pell mell short cuts, surprises around every corner was deemed just fine.

    Remember the power of suggestion, advertising and marketing. Only critical thinking and dramatic life experiences can shield you from their effects.

    Our candidate's so called “stiffness,” a directed message at both Gore and Kerry, was deliberate to try to prevent as much as possible a personal connection to these public service oriented candidates.

    And, remember Gore's “sigh” and John Dean's “yell” of enthusiasm in a big noisy room of supporters was promoted to us as the worst of offenses.

    That's all the GOP had against us? That was as “bad” as our candidates were? Oh, for crying out loud, that is amazingly good.

    While now we are suppose to go along with the truly horrifying extinction level job performance of Thelma Bush and his Louise GOP with Climate Crisis that can become Climate Collapse. We are supposed to go along with the collapse of the Middle Class, Democracy, Science, Public Schools, Human Rights, Legal Rights, TYC and so much more….NO.

    And, as a side note, remember Bush was marketed in a way thought to promote personal connections as someone with whom you would want to go have a “drink.” Really…an admitted alcoholic now supposedly sober, and it is you tempting him to what…”fall off the wagon” and rule so horribly.

    Anyway, I will happily, thankfully take a “sigh” and a “yell” and a “stiffness” that even Abe Lincoln might find Statesman-like, any day over what we have now.

    • ProveOurDemocracy on

      Low emotional states (reserved) through high emotional states (enthusiastic yelling)
      The full range of our human emotional scale will be marketed by the GOP and their media to suggest that Democrats are unacceptable at every point on the scale–from stiff, to sighing, to yelling.

      So, no more YeeeeHaaaa's for Texas Democrats, nor sighing, nor reserve.

      While at the same time, the GOP and their media will market themselves as completely acceptable at every point on the scale, including their fear and hate mongering which they try to get away with by blaming us.

      We need to remember that and give all of our past and future candidates the support they deserve.

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