Republican Candidate For Attorney General Ken Paxton Is MIA After Disclosure Issues Revealed

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Twinsies, state Sen. Ken Paxton and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Texas state Senator Ken Paxton (R-McKinney), leading Republican candidate for Attorney General and known-BFF of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, has gone MIA since improprieties in his financial disclosures were revealed by documents obtained by The Texas Tribune.

According to The Texas Tribune, Paxton “was being paid to solicit clients for a North Texas financial services firm at a time when he was not registered with the State Securities Board.” Paxton also failed to “reveal his solicitor work on the employment history section of his personal financial statements, which must be filed regularly with the Texas Ethics Commission.”

One would think a candidate running for Attorney General would know the laws a little better, and have an actual record of complying with them.

Read more below the jump.After his financial disclosure problems were revealed by the Tribune, Paxton has since amended several personal financial statements he previously had failed to do. Yet, according to the Quorum Report, Paxton was so late in paying his taxes that a tax lien has been placed on his campaign.

Paxton's run-off opponent, Texas state Rep. Dan Branch (R-Dallas), was quick to pounce on Paxton. Branch has gone as far as called on Paxton to drop out of the race if he continues to refuse to answer questions regarding his failed financial disclosures. “There are still many serious questions Ken Paxton has yet to answer,” according to Branch campaign manager Enrique Marquez.

Like a true Republican, instead of being transparent with his records, it now seems Paxton won't even appear at campaign events in his run-off against Branch.

But, perhaps Republican voters will overlook Paxton's failure to follow tax laws because there remains one Republican official proud to call Paxton his friend — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Below is Ted Cruz's TV ad for Ken Paxton:

The questions that remain now are: Can Paxton hide until the May 27th run-off against Dan Branch? And, will Paxton simply continue to hide until the November elections if he were to win the Republican nomination against Democrat Sam Houston?

Will Ted Cruz save his friend then?


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