Lon Burnam Files Lawsuit in Tarrant County Against Ramon Romero

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After longtime liberal lion Lon Burnam's loss this past March, Democratic insiders within the Texas legislature mourned one of the more bitter loses they've seen since the 2010 Tea Party tidal wave election year.

Well, true to form as within the House chamber, citizen Burnam isn't going down without one last chance at the back microphone.

In a lawsuit filed today in Tarrant County against his democratic primary opponent who won the election by 110 votes, Burnam claims that there are reports of an illegal vote by mail operation of some kind, that allegedly might have been orchestrated by his opponent.

This lawsuit seeks to obtain any information from the County Clerk's office, and from those involved in any of the alleged practices, to get down to the bottom of what, if any, wrongdoing occurred.

In a press release from Burnam published by Quorum Report Burnam noted:

“I have received reports from voters in the district who say they were approached at their door by campaign workers of unclear affiliation who asked them to fill out a vote-by-mail application on an electronic tablet device such as an iPad.

Texas law clearly does not allow the practice of filling out vote-by-mail ballot applications electronically, which the Texas Secretary of State's has confirmed. Other questionable practices about this operation aside, this renders the entire operation illegal.”

Read more about this lawsuit and about Lon Burnam below the jump.Quorum Report broke the story this evening by releasing the statement from Lon Burnam himself.

Burnam continued to clarify his intentions with the lawsuit to QR:

“Part of my goal with this lawsuit is to root out these illegal operations before they become entrenched. Everyone, candidates and consultants, must play by the rules. Otherwise, they make a sham of the democratic process, and I cannot and will not accept that.

I want to emphasize that what is at issue here is not in any way related to the new Voter ID law. As I have long maintained, any real potential for fraud in our elections lies in absentee vote-by-mail ballots, NOT in-person voting.”

Before Lon Burnam's defeat earlier this month, he had served in the Texas Legislature for 18 years. He is generally viewed has being one of the stronger liberal voices in the Texas Legislature, and has been an ally to environmentalists, with special regards to the natural gas drilling process known as fracking.  


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