Who Needs an Election? 43 Texas Representatives Will Go Unopposed in 2014

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Filing has been closed for the 2014 election for over a month, but it has taken until last week for the Texas Green Party to release their complete list of candidates for the 2014 election. Additionally, the Texas Libertarian Party's website has changed several times with candidates appearing and disappearing from their website since the December 9 filing deadline. However, with all this information finally in, we can see who all has filed to run in 2014.

In 43 of the 150 districts for the Texas House, no candidate outside of the incumbent has filed to run. These 43 Representatives were effectively re-elected by default on December 9, 2013.

Based on our research, Burnt Orange Report has 23 Democrats, for 41.8% of the caucus, and 20 Republicans, for 21.1% of the caucus, who will face no opposition for partisan office until 2016, at the earliest.

It is possible other third party independent candidates may emerge; but the hurdle to run as a true independent is quite difficult. Write-in candidates may emerge, as well. All candidates for statewide offices, US Congress, State Senate, and State Board of Education have primary and/or general election opposition.

A complete list of all candidates who have filed can be seen in Burnt Orange Report's candidate trackers:

– Statewide Offices

– US Congress

– Texas Senate

– Texas House

– State Board of Education

Below the jump is a list of State Representatives who lack any opposition and have be re-elected by default.State Representatives Re-elected on December 9, 2013 Due to Lack of Opposition:

2, Dan Flynn (R)

7, David Simpson (R)

9, Chris Paddie (R)

13, Lois Kolkhorst (R)

19, James White (R)

22, Joe Deshotel (D)

28, John Zerwas (R)

29, Ed Thompson (R)

30, Genie Morrison (R)

33, Scott Turner (R)

34, Abel Herrero (D)

35, Oscar Longoria (D)

37, Rene Oliveira (D)

38, Eddie Lucio III (D)

39, Armando “Mando” Martinez (D)

40, Terry Canales (D)

41, Bobby Guerra (D)

54, Jimmie Don Aycock (R)

57, Trent Ashby (R)

62, Larry Phillips (R)

68, Drew Springer (R)

69, James Frank (R)

70, Scott Sanford (R)

73, Doug Miller (R)

74, Poncho Nevarez (D)

78, Joe Moody (D)

86, John Smithee (R)

98, Giovanni Capriglione (R)

99, Charlie Geren (R)

103, Rafael Anchia (D)

104, Roberto Alonzo (D)

111, Yvonne Davis (D)

116, Trey Martinez-Fischer (D)

118, Joe Farias (D)

119, Roland Guitierrez (D)

124, Jose Mendez (D)

127, Dan Huberty (R)

139, Sylvester Turner (D)

140, Armando Walle (D)

141, Senfronia Thompson (D)

142, Harold Dutton (D)

143, Ana Hernandez Luna (D)

147, Garnet Coleman (D)

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