More Audio of Dan Patrick Attacking Ted Cruz: “He Takes All The Credit”

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More audio of Dan Patrick attacking Ted Cruz during the 2012 primary on his radio program has surfaced — this time over Cruz's “record” at the Attorney General's office, siding with the Obama Administration on China policy, and his representation of a Chinese company accused of stealing U.S. blueprints.

Senator Patrick has come under fire from his Republican Primary opponents in the race for Lt. Gov. for changing his tune on Cruz having recently endorsed the Junior Senator for President. Last week Patrick released a statement to Quorum Report giving full support to Ted Cruz and tried to temper accusations that he is more of a political weathervane than a consistent conservative.

Hear the audio for yourself below the jump.Dan Patrick was against Ted Cruz before he was for him, and the audio that continues to leak out from previous shows is evidence of that. When attacking Cruz's credibility, Patrick chose the more passive aggressive “death by a thousand cuts” method. In the clip he constantly plants the seed of doubt then reaffirms that he is not making endorsements, and that “no one is perfect.” Most ironic of all maybe his attempt to dispel any comparison of Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio. “Rhetoric doesn't always answer the question for me, and again I know if Ted is elected it's lifetime, he will be there the rest of his life.” adding later, “Someone said he's the next Marco Rubio, people forget Marco Rubio didn't come out of nowhere. He was Speaker of the House in Florida.”

Patrick told his audience that Cruz uses his record when it's convenient but distances himself when it's not. Patrick said Cruz, “takes all the credit in the world for going to the supreme court” that was due to Greg Abbott.  

“He runs to his record in the supreme court but in the chinese company, 'Oh well I'm just a lawyer on the case', well that's what he was…he didn't go and argue all those cases. He used to tell people I won at the supreme court on the Ten Commandments. No he didn't Greg Abbott…Greg Abbott argued that case, Greg Abbott argued that case, not Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz filed a brief on it, but he takes credit for it, but he just signed the paper. But on the Chinese case he says, 'well yea i signed lead counsel but I don't take credit for it.' In my world you can't play it both ways.

At one point Patrick all but accused Cruz of lying about his position on China being inline with the Obama Administration, “He's on Laura Ingraham show and he is siding with Obama on the China policy which were Laura's words, not mine, you heard them in the commercial. And now he is on the other side of the issue.” Patrick then reenacted a conversation where Cruz denies the accusation and Patrick responds with, “Of course you did…”

Patrick's tactic of using Cruz's statements to bring him down could have an equal and opposite reaction.  In a separate audio clip, Patrick said, “Cruz is on record being against lowering the appraisal caps,” he continued, “A lot of things are being said out there, and I can straighten them out.”

Hear the audio for yourself:

Patrick Attacks Cruz for “Playing It Both Ways”

Patrick Attacks Cruz on Appraisal Caps


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