New Poll Shows Former Congressman Nick Lampson in Lead for Texas CD-14

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A new poll of likely voters released by the Nick Lampson for Congress campaign shows the former congressman with a 4 point lead over his Republican challenger State Representative Randy Webber in the battle for CD-14.  The open seat (being vacated by Ron Paul) stretches along the Texas Gulf Coast from Brazoria to Jefferson County.

The seat is a target of the DCCC's Red to Blue campaign in large part because of Lampson's positive name ID across the district. The poll results are reaffirming. Lampson maintains a 2 to 1 positive rating with the 64% of likely voters familiar with his previous service in Congress. Of that 64%, 56% chose Lampson to Weber's 35%. That's a strong majority and crucial since 2/3s of voters are in the very expensive Houston media market. This means Lampson can spend precious campaign funds framing debate that would otherwise be spend introducing himself to voters.

Possibly the most exciting news for the Lampson campaign is that when voters hear positive information about both candidates Lampson maintains a 3 point lead over Weber. “As voters hear more from both candidates, Lampson's initial support shows the ability to solidify and expand.”

The following candidate profiles were read to respondents one time each in a rotated sequence, followed by re-testing the vote scenario.

Nick Lampson, a Democrat from Beaumont, is a former U.S. Congressman. He started working part-time at age 12 to help his family make ends meet and after college, became a public school teacher. Lampson is a pro-gun, fiscal conservative who has always been a fighter for local jobs. In Congress, he worked to strengthen port security, and protect NASA funding and jobs at Johnson Space Center. He also secured funding to rebuild after Hurricane Ike and led the effort to create the Amber Alert system to protect children in danger. In Congress, he'll work to create jobs, cut wasteful spending, and protect Medicare and Social Security for seniors.

Randy Weber, a Republican from Brazoria County, is a member of the Texas State Legislature and a small business owner. Weber started his air conditioning company from scratch thirty years ago, and grew it into a successful business while learning the importance of low taxes, small government, and good schools. Weber says he has been a principled, prolife, pro-gun conservative in the Texas House, and is a Bible study leader and deacon at his church. Weber says he is running for Congress to cut the size of government, lower taxes, close the borders, repeal the Obama healthcare takeover, and stand up for traditional Texas values.

And after hearing this information, if the election for U.S. Congress were held today, and the candidates were [ROTATE] Nick Lampson, a Democrat, and Randy Weber, a Republican, for whom would you vote?

Total Lampson ………………………………………………. 48%

Total Weber …………………………………………………… 45%

[VOL] Undecided ……………………………………………… 7%

The campaign has also introduced a new campaign manager Ed Espinoza. Ed is an Austin-based Democratic political consultant who has worked for the DNC and the California Democratic Party.


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