Lieutenant Governor: We Endorse Linda Chavez-Thompson

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The Democratic primary for the Lieutenant Governor's race has been, to this point, less than exciting for a lot of Texas Democrats, except for one important sub-group: those people who have had the privilege to hear directly from Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Perhaps that's why this is the one race where the staff of BOR is exercising our editorial judgment over the voting preference of our readers. After all, the recent poll on the Lieutenant Governor's race showed Chavez-Thompson with 18%, former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle with 16% — and, to quote the Texas Tribune, “a whopping 58 percent remain undecided on the eve of early voting.” It's not surprising to us that our BOR readers — a majority of whom reside in Austin — would support Earle, if for no other reason that they know something about him and they don't know a lot about Linda Chavez-Thompson.

So let us tell you about Linda Chavez-Thompson, the Democrat we endorse for Lieutenant Governor.

Linda Chavez-Thompson got her first job in Texas at the age of ten, working for thirty-cents an hour hoeing cotton with her family. She picked cotton, cleaned homes, and learned English when she should have been finishing high school — all so she could support her family. In her youth, she learned the values of protecting Texas families and ensuring every Texas child has the best education possible. It is amazing to hear Linda Chavez-Thompson talk about how her days growing up in Texas instilled in her the strength, intelligence, and passion she has carried with her throughout her life.

The rest of her lifetime of public service is well documented. From a ten-year old picking cotton in West Texas, she became the first woman and first person of color to serve as Executive Vice-President of the National AFL-CIO. And in that time, she — unlike her wealthy billionaire opponent, incumbent David Dewhurst — always put the best interests of Texas families first. One fellow blogger wrote passionately about why she is supporting Linda Chavez-Thompson:

Until we elect somebody like Linda, who understands what the rest of Texas goes through, our state won't develop policies designed for everybody to succeed. Linda Chavez-Thompson has been working for those less fortunate not just her entire career, but her entire life.

We agree. We endorse Linda Chavez-Thompson for Lieutenant Governor, and hope you get to hear her story directly very soon.

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  1. Whoever wins, we ALL win
    I've increasingly felt this way about this race for a long time.  The candidates are extremely well-qualified and stand up against Dewhurst well, just on different issues.  For Earle, it'll be ethics reform and the ridiculous way our State Senate is run.  For Linda Chavez-Thompson, it'll be about having the top voice in our Legislature be truly the voice of the People.  Even Marc Katz is a good choice– he is the only candidate running for statewide office who I've heard pushing for campaign finance reform as a central part of his campaign…. so far.

    I wish them both luck and wish I didn't have to decide between the candidates in this race.

  2. My Vote
    This was a toss up for me but I ended up voting for Ronnie because I live in Kaufman County and he has a lot more name recogniton to people outside of Austin. Not sure that is good?

    I will enthusiastically support whichever comes out of this primary.

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