Bill White Statement on GOP Gubernatorial Debate

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It's hard not to be ashamed of our senior Senator and Governor after tonight's debate. I'm glad to see that Democratic candidate for Governor Bill White is already offering a compelling, positive, pro-active response to what we saw from the debate at UNT tonight.

Here's the official statement from Bill White, emphasis mine:

Governor Perry claimed: “I promised I would do everything I could to make this a state where people are proud to live and I think we've done that.” I was proud to be a Texan before he was Governor and many of us will be more proud of our state when he's gone. We don't need a Governor who takes credit for all that is good about Texans. His attitude just shows that Perry has been in office too long.

I agree with Senator Hutchison that Texas future is at risk because we are failing to educate so many Texans. Dropout rates are among the highest in the nation and college tuition has been skyrocketing. Education is the biggest job of state government and the largest part of the state's budget. Education is an engine of economic growth and opportunity. How we invest in kids now will determine our economic future. And yet, in a one hour debate, Governor Perry never accepted accountability for the failures of public education or described how we could improve it and bring down skyrocketing college tuition rates. Our state deserves better than that.

Much of the debate consisted of complaints about the federal government, rather than solutions for Texas. I agree with some comments about federal intrusion, but under the Constitution the Governor of Texas does not control the federal government. Under Governor Perry, the State of Texas has time and time again imposed mandates on cities and counties, and as Governor that is something I'd stop.

This week, Perry refused to even compete for $700,000,000 in federal funds for our public schools. With 1,100 school districts in Texas that are strapped for cash, that's just shameful.

Texas can–and MUST–do better.

However, perhaps the lines of the night came from Senator Kirk Watson on Twitter:


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Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.


  1. A ham sandwich
    The three of them reminded me of a ham sandwich with the two slices of ham on the outside of the piece of plain white bread.  Perry and Hutchison were obviously told that when they weren't talking, to smile and show the pretty pearly whites. Unfortunately both showed a bit of fang.

    Both of them obviously believe if you tell a lie long enough that everyone will believe it.  I doubt anyone does but everyone will vote for one or the other. Debra Medina is an unknown and Republicans really don't like unknowns any more than Democrats do. Which in the end is Farouk Shami's problem.

    I do wish everyone would stop saying Perry cost the state $700 million.  There is no guarantee of how much Texas would receive. There is a guarantee of federal intervention in our education system. That educators oppose participation should be enough reason not to protest too much.  Some of the teachers might vote on that basis and vote for Perry.  Some probably will anyway.

    As for Bill White he reminds me of a Virginia ham with the honey glaze. That unfortunately was in the oven too long.

    Another election no doubt where everyone would probably do better writing in “Mickey Mouse” and taking their chances with whoever Disney sent over to play Mickey.

    • And Baby Snooks…
      And Baby Snooks is stale baloney. He makes the opposition of some educators to accepting additional federal aid for education into opposition by all, a distortion worthy of Perry. As to Federal intervention in our educational system–when 30% are dropping out it's hard to imagine passing up the cash, even with strings. In the context of falling tax revenues at state and local levels, declining the education money and additional federal support for unemployment compensation are Perry blunders that are costing the state dearly.  

      • But how much cash?
        Some educators in other states are questioning the matter of whether it is worth participation given that there are no guaranteess of how much a state will receive. And the cost of compliance will have to be picked up by the taxpayers.  And the taxpayers in Texas are fed up with financing school districts like HISD that seem to waste $2 of every $1 of funding it receives.

        Regardless of anything, saying Perry has cost Texas $700 million in education funds has no basis in fact. There is no guarantee of how much Texas will receive.  

        • Quibbling
          Reminds me of my old sparring partner Ron Wilson from UT Student Senate days … alway with the disingenuous quibbling, ignoring reality.  We can confidently say Perry cost Texas schools tens of millions of dollars, perhaps hundreds.  Denying this is putting lipstick on a wart hog, to say the least.

  2. A Comedy of Errors
    Wow, that is really the best the GOP has?

    Best hit for KBH – revealing that Perry was “for the Stimulus before he was against it.”  I want to see that letter.  Voters hate hypocrisy.

    Worst hit for KBH – Her mealy-mouth, milquetoast, monologue on Roe v. Wade.  It was incomprehensible.  Did she not have a prepared answer on a question she knew she would get? Does she not think that Pro-Life GOP'ers will remember her longstanding views on this topic?  Without a doubt the most unauthentic answer in any debate, by any politician since the invention of Television.

    Best hit for Perry – Governor good hair for the most part kept his composure and his themes.  Texans are “best in the US” with me as Governor, and KBH is a “Washington insider” who will raise taxes.  Amazing how effective this sophomoric “Texas Good, Washington Bad” theme will be,

    Worst hit for Perry – Acting as if everything good in Texas exists because he is governor and any assertion that his actions were not perfect is an attack on Texas.  Even with good hair, most GOP voters do not like such arrogance (unless it can be explained away as “swagger.”)

    Comment on Medina – Wow, this is really how the GOP base thinks: if we could get rid of all taxes, negate all government programs and just pass out the pistols to everyone, big business and the community would just self-police and prosperity would reign (Well, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!”).  Wow, could you have ever heard a more Utopian (Dystopian?) and unrealsitic vision of the world in your life?

    Come on Bill White – The door is wide open!  

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