Liveblogging the GOP Gubernatorial Debate

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We're going to try to liveblog the debate below. This is our first time using Cover It Live, so if it fail to work, then we'll just go back to trying to update the post below.


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  1. Smiling KHB
    I don't recall her ever smiling so much. She was so happy. And Perry was so smirky. He acted like it was all a joke. He's got that act down pretty good.

  2. missed the first half
    I missed the first half but saw the 2nd. I'm going to assume that Perry had an allergic reaction in the first half and that's why his shirt looked like it was choking him.

    Besides that, I've got to say that Medina was impressive. She was polished, straightforward, and I bet she turned heads in GOP circles. Regardless of her overall ability to win she's going to become a headache for Perry. Sure KBH had her best performance in a while, but no one really knew what to expect from Medina and I'd call her the clear winner.

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