Texas Republican Party Elects Cathie Adams Chair Yet Tries to Hide Intraparty Issues

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On a 36-25 vote, the State Republican Executive Committee elected Cathie Adams the party's chairwoman over Melinda Fredricks.  Adams will serve as chairwoman at least until June, when the state party will meet and have elect a full-term chair.  Cathie Adams has spent years as president of the Texas Eagle Forum, an organization, which nationally “has been leading the pro-family movement with strength and decisiveness since 1972.”  She also already endorsed Rick Perry for governor, just like her predecessor Tina Benkiser.  And she might be even more conservative.

Interestingly, the Republican Executive Committee decided to vote without debate.  Why?

There was no debate because members agreed not to hold a general discussion before voting. Member Rebecca Williamson of Hunt told colleagues before the agreement to restrict discussion that an initially contemplated 30-minute debate might lead to controversy and personal attacks.

“After all, the press is here,” Williamson said.

Earlier this week, John Cornyn pushed away a reporter's camera.  Kay Bailey Hutchison abruptly cut off her own press conference.  We see today, though, that a pattern exists among Texas Republicans.  They wish to hide their thinking, and they wish to hide the problems that they are having.

But in this game of Hide and Seek, we can find what we want to know, anyways.  Even without debate, we now definitely see three truths about the Texas Republican Party.

  1. The Texas Republican Party is split into two groups.  The first group is the one of crazies.  The crazies move forward gun-ho and follow their leader, the Reverend Rick Perry.
  2. The second group is one of confused and/or unorganized non-crazies.  There is no leader here, but Kay Bailey Hutchison is the highest ranking among them.  
  3. The crazies are winning.  Adams was just elected today, and she's already taking shots at Kay.  It's amazing how the crazies can stay on attack even when Rick Perry misses a step or two, as he definitely has with the Cameron Todd Willingham case.  And in response, the other Republicans are dithering more than anyone else in the country.

But Republicans don't want you to know this.  The dithering hide from the press because, well, they are dithering on how to play the game of politics effectively.  And the crazies sometimes have to hide just because their crazy.

Just as a reminder, these people hold an absolute majority in every section of Texas state government.  Ditherers.  Crazies.  Really.


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  1. Cathie Adams = scary crazy
    I fixed your tag.   Kathy Thomas wouldn't want to be linked to this post. LOL  (You had Cathie Thomas, not Cathie Adams.)

  2. Absolute majority?

    Not for very much longer. They lost serious ground around Dallas and down here in Houston, they got their butts rightfully kicked.

    As much as I want to see my beloved state return to the glory days of crazy Dems in charge, it won't happen because one party's better at governing than the other. It will happen simply because every pendulum swings ~ especially political pendulums.

    Call it the Halloween Effect, but I see this pendulum swing coming at state Republicans much like that poor guy in Mr. Poe's pit. They see it coming, too.

    • That would be nice
      But right now, they still have it.  And in municipal government, we have made gains.  We have made gains in the state House.  Many Texan cities are run by Democrats.  But the state is still run by the Rs.

      Yes, it might change as much if not more due to a pendulum swing than our better ability to govern.  But the Republicans' incompetence should help, too.

      • great point, michael
        I know I'm sounding like a broken record here, but the repub dominance at the state level is directly attributed to their coordinated campaign.

        We can have the best AA squad in the world, but until we get serious about a modern, professional, statewide coordinated campaign…we will continue to be the best minor league party.

        We don't have the statewide presence to drive the fundraising and organization for a program, so it makes it exceedingly difficult.

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