Kay Says, “It's the Illegal Immigrants” (+ Poll)

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Why are our Republican senators so uninformed? (It's a nicer word than dumb.) We deserve so much better. Or maybe she doesn't mind being considered “uninformed” since that's what we're used to from our most recent governors.

Senator Hutchison Blames Illegal Immigrants

Bill Zeeble, KERA News (2009-07-24)


At a Dallas press conference, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison blamed illegal immigrants for making Texas the national leader in uninsured residents. But hospital officials and state statistics don't back her up. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more.


Texas leads the nation in the number of uninsured. When asked how she would solve that problem, Senator Hutchison blamed illegal immigrants.

Hutchison: We have the highest number of uninsured mostly because of the illegal immigrant population.

State hospital officials say that's wrong. Ann Ward is a Vice President with the Texas Hospital Association, in Austin.

Ann Ward:
People say illegal immigrants are a large part of the uninsured population but the studies I've seen by the Texas Department of Insurance, it's less than 20 percent of uninsured are illegal immigrants. And one thing we know, many of the people who come to hospitals for care. They pay, they pay cash. [Emphasis added.]

Hear it and read it, here.  I don't know. Is she really serious about her campaign? Making a statement that is so factually in error and can be so easily debunked (and has been quite forcefully).

Why doesn't she mention the problem with health insurance costs and how pre-existing conditions = huge premiums or no real coverage? I haven't heard even one criticism of insurance companies.

Today she's criticizing Perry for turning down the funding from the stimulus package.

Seems like she's changing the subject. Quickly.


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  1. Bobby Levinski on

    Those statements aren't too shocking.  Up until the republican primary, Kay and Rick are going to be in a pissing match of who can stir up the conservative base more.  I really doubt those voters will care about scapegoating 'illegal immigrants'.  The question is which one of them will start blaming gays for the weak state of the economy.

  2. Put the Blame Where It Belongs
    As everybody knows, the health crisis has been concocted by Armenian rug merchants through a top-secret branch of the Masons.  If you believe that claim, send a big check to KBH asap and she'll torpedo health care reform and block the Armenian rug merchant conspiracy. Is she really trying to out-crazy Governor Rick?

  3. texun, short answer: yep.
    long answer: she's got advisers telling her that unless she toes the anti-illegal immigrant line the corporations will rescind the flow of campaign funding.

  4. Confused
    I am confused and maybe someone can help me.  Senator Hutchison is saying that our insurance problems are due to illegal immigrants.

    I thought that the statistics were based on census data.  Or our population stats come from there.  We have over 24 million people.  Does that include illegal aliens?  Somehow, I don't see someone who is in the country filling out a census questionaire.  Or do they guestimate?  

    If all the uninsured are illegal aliens and they are included in our census, then that means that we have 6 million illegal aliens in Texas?  I don't think that is possible.  

    I am beginning to think that Senator Hutchison is pulling our leg or she thinks that we are pretty darn stupid.


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