John Cornyn, Rick Perry Booed at Fourth of July Tea Party Event

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I hope you had a better Fourth of July than Rick Perry and John Cornyn.

Andrea Lorenz wrote about the event for the Statesman.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn drew boos from a crowd outside the Texas Capitol this afternoon as he spoke at a “tea party” rally organized by the Texas office of Americans for Prosperity.


“You're the problem,” a crowd member hollered.

Another crowd member yelled that Cornyn voted for the initial federal bailout of Wall Street approved by Congress last year, the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Cornyn admits to the Statesman he wasn't sure what the reaction would be like, but said, “I didn't want to come some place that I wasn't wanted.”

Clearly he was wrong.

Cornyn is the current chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and is one of the de facto leaders of the Republican Party in the U.S. Senate.  This July 4th event shows the problem the Republican Party is having throughout Texas and the country.  Their inability to lead at any level of government and their continued failures is costing them both elections and their natural base of support.

The ire wasn't directed at just Washington, Republican Governor Rick Perry also drew more than a few boos as well.

Perry drew scattered boos, notably from crowd members aware of his advocacy of toll roads to relieve traffic congestion.

If the Republican base is furious at their own party and the Democratic party in Texas is highly motivated and organized, it's hard not being optimistic about the upcoming cycle.

Update: The video is really interesting to watch.  

You notice that the crowd calms down when Cornyn talks about military and shows respect to the man being awarded the Purple Heart.  Once the presentation is done, the boos start up again.


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  1. SNORF
    If…the Democratic party in Texas is highly motivated and organized

    Lifelong Texas Democrat here, but that line made me chortle.  

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