Cornyn Declines Limbaugh & Gingrich's Advice, Gladly Accepts Their Money

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National Republican Senate Committee Chairman John Cornyn isn't all to popular these days (and we're not talking about with Democrats). As the chair of the fundraising arms for his Senate colleagues, he's charged with trying to help them claw back to relevance in the upper chamber. So while money and message are very much in his court, he's running into some problems. Namely- his donor base is becoming increasingly conservative making him beholden to the very people that are turning off the voters he needs to win.

So what happens when you mix a NRSC chair who is a Texas Senator and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee with a Latina Supreme Court nominee, a NRSC fundraiser with Rush Limbaugh, and commentary from Newt Gingrich? An epic fail of GOP entertainment.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich writing on his blog.

“Imagine a judicial nominee said 'my experience as a white man makes me better than a latina woman.' Wouldn't they have to withdraw? New racism is no better than old racism.  A white man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw.”

And here's Rush Limbaugh on Sotomayor.

Here you have a racist – you might want to soften that, and you might want to say a reverse racist,” Limbaugh said of Sotomayor on his show.

“When the rubber hits the road, such as in this nomination, where are these moderate Republican groups on the nomination? Where are the moderate senators? Where is Colin Powell? Where is Tom Ridge?” Limbaugh asked.

“I'm the one doing the heavy lifting. Colin Powell panders to moderate Republicans,” he said. “If the moderates in the Republican Party offer no way to address this danger, then they are useless.

Important to note, Rush Limbaugh is headlining a fundraiser for the NRSC and NRCC on June 8th expected to raise millions for the committees.

John Cornyn's reply? From the Hill…

Q: We've heard Rush Limbaugh and the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich calling Sonia Sotomayor a racist, saying she should withdraw. What do you make of the rhetoric that's tumbling out these days?

A: I think it's terrible. This is not the kind of tone that any of us want to set when it comes to performing our constitutional responsibilities of advice and consent.

Q: Do you worry that language like that harms the discussion? Harms your party's image- especially among Hispanics, where the Republican Party's been losing ground lately?

A: Neither one of these men are elected Republican officials. I just don't think it's appropriate. I certainly don't endorse it. I think it's wrong.

Oh snap. Double snap with his added commentary in talking with KXXV TV (Waco/Killeen) today.

Cornyn took issue with Rush Limbaugh's recent comments about Sotomayor, saying it was a “rush to judgment.” Limbaugh had previously called Sotomayor a “bigot” and “reverse racist” among other things.  On Friday, Cornyn said “the comments I've seen are comments that I disagree with…It should not make any difference, the ethnicity or a sex of a judge any more than it should make a difference about the ethnicity or race of an umpire in a baseball game.  Their job is to call balls and strikes, it's not to somehow impose their perspective because of their ethnicity.”

When asked if Limbaugh was wrong to call Sotomayor a “bigot,” Cornyn said that questions should be brought up about Sotomayor but “to do so in a civil and dignified proceeding. Name-calling is not the way to get started on the right foot.”  He also wishes “people would calm down a lot” about discussing Sotomayor's qualifications.

If Cornyn disagrees so much with the leading message and tone coming from Republican Party leaders talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh then he can show it by making sure Limbaugh's invitation to headline the RNSC's June 8th multi-million dollar fundraiser gets lost in the mail.

Just like Texas Rep. Mike McCaul uninvited Rush Limbaugh from his campaign fundraiser in Houston this week. Photographic evidence of that included below via the Austin American-Statesman.

Oops. My bad. And is that a terrorist fist bump Limbaugh is throwing there?


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  1. Losing ground in Hiapnic voters over Sotomayor?
    How did the “high tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas by the Democratic Party hurt their African American vote?  Its time to realize that the Democratic Party has cornered the market on dividing voters into race and special interest groups and creating policy for those groups.  Republicans need to keep it simple and do what is right for those who chose to be citizens of the U.S. first.    

    • Clarence Thomas
      was accused of sexual harrassment by Anita Hill (African-American female), you may recall. It was some awful stuff. I seriously doubt any candidate could survive those kind of accusations today (and by more than one person). I'm not so sure about your description, “high-tech lynching,” it's not really accurate in so many ways.  

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