Mark Thompson Announces He Will Run for Governor

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According to KXAN Mark Thompson, former Democratic candidate for Railroad Commissioner, has announced he will run for Governor.

Mark Thompson, who made an unsuccessful bid last year to be TX Railroad Commissioner, says he will run for governor as a Democrat.

Thompson received 44.57% of the vote in 2008 when he ran against Republican incumbent Michael Williams. Thompson joins Tom Schieffer and humorist Kinky Friedman. Friedman only received 12.44% of the vote last time he ran for Governor and is still in the exploratory phase.


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  1. Next . . .
    3 candidates, still no one capable of beating Perry or Hutch (Schieffer comes closest).

    I still want Jim Turner, but it seems I am the only one.

  2. Robert Ryland on

    Y'know, at this point I'd settle for someone who can launch a credible website when they announce their candidacy. Sheesh.  

  3. mondalejones on

    RE: Bill White will be the Democratic nominee for Governor of Texas
    because Kay won't go through with it asher poll numbers get worse.

    • Bumper Stickers
      It would explain why White's campaign materials say “Bill White for Texas” instead of “Bill White for Senate”

  4. Candidate fail
    I liked Mark, but why Governor? Is it because he belives that since he beat the favorites in the RR Commissioner primary last year , that he can pull one out again?

  5. hamiltonfan on

    A Serious Democrat
    This is bad news for Perry.  Just like republicans don't like phony conservatives, democrats don't like fake progressives.  Honesty is always the best policy.    

    Democrats and independents might rally around an outsider and a honest candidate.

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