Swing State Project Lists TX Gubernatorial Race as One to Watch

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Swing State Project has released its initial set of gubernatorial race ratings for 2010 and has Texas as a “race to watch.”

Texas – Rick Perry (R): RTW

If Kay Bailey Hutchison decapitates secessionist incumbent Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican primary, this race will likely be all but over. But if Perry somehow fends off her challenge, a Democrat like ex-state Rep. Tom Schieffer just may have an outside chance, although the most recent polling suggests that Dems would still start off behind the 8-ball.

Kay Baily won't beat Rick Perry in a GOP primary because she hasn't flown down from her perch in Washington DC to start building a whole new Republican Party in order to defeat Good Hair and his secessionist followers.  Hutchison has to build a new Texas GOP if she has a snowballs chance in hell of beating Perry and last time I checked it takes more than a year to build a political party.  Now that Kay, as BOR writer David Mauro rightly points out, doesn't have the pressure to stay in the senate to prevent a filibuster proof, Democratically controlled senate from coming to fruition, she might swoop back to Texas and get to work sooner rather than later.      

I'm liking a Democratic candidates odds with every passing day for the reasons above and more.  Whether it is Schieffer, or another quality Democrat like Senator Van de Putte on the ballot, it has been a long time since a gubernatorial race in Texas has been listed as one to watch and it certainly creates some excitement for us as we head toward '10.      


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  1. Why not Roy Spence?
    He the the most visible, charismatic progressive Democrat in Texas still standing tall and undamaged. If Schieffer is a viable candidate because of his business connections, Spence has as much or more business connections and is a buddy of the Clintons rather than Bush. Senator Van de Putte is a solid progressive Democratic, but seems to lack the fire to fully rally Democrats. Spence is both passionate and persuasive in his arguments

    Democratic contributors and activists have seen him around for the last 35 years. Spence can out think and out talk anything the Republicans have to offer in 2010. He is the perfect candidate to build a 2010 Democratic statewide ticket around. People should encourage him to run for Governor.

    I would take an unpaid leave of absence or early retirement to volunteer full time for his campaign if he ran. There are very few people I would consider doing that for. That's how strongly I feel about it.

    • ditto
      the man is a hell of a story teller and public speaker, and he's a visionary.  Makes a pretty good salsa too.

  2. Neither
    Schieffer is just another Republicocrat; we can't win with them. Van de Putte is the real thing, a genuine Texas Democrat, but she has little statewide visibility, alas. If Spence can raise the $$, he might do at least as well as those two alternatives.

    • How do you figure?
      I have no idea who this person is, and you dismiss Van de Putte as having no statewide visibility?  And Roy Spence does?  

      I'm confused.


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