Is Rick Perry Running for President of Texas?

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Make no mistake about it ladies and gents, Rick Perry had himself a “crazy good” time at his “teabag” parties yesterday.  I'm glad he had a crazy good time; goodness knows he was in good company all day long.

There sure has been a great deal of secession talk lately hasn't there?  The first time I heard it I really brushed it off.  Maybe even giggled because it just seemed like such an incredibly far-fetched reality that it didn't really deserve thought.  Then you had the Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck drive to create cell groups across the nation to organize against the government.  Rallies dating back to the McCain/Palin days, coupled with Fox News driven organizing efforts, have brought a great deal more open talk about secession.  Rick Perry, Governor of the State of Texas—you know, the 28th state in the Union, had this to say at a “crazy good” tea bag party:

In Austin earlier Wednesday, Gov. Rick Perry told an anti-tax “tea party” the federal government is “rampaging through the halls of Congress” with big-spending programs and only states' rights can stop it.

“We will not stand our pockets being picked, our children's future being mortgaged, our rights being taken away,” the Republican governor told a cheering crowd of 1,000 people outside Austin City Hall.

Perry told reporters following his speech that Texans might get so frustrated with the government they would want to secede from the union.

“There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

I thought I heard “Dixie” playing in the background when I read that article, one of my favorite tunes, but I suppose it was my imagination.    “Who knows what might come of that,” he says?  Are you running for Governor of Texas or President of Texas, Rick?  

Perry ignorantly dismisses unemployment recovery funds from DC as a political ploy only to sentence small business owners to a tax hike in Texas.  Wasn't he attending rallies and having a “crazy good” time where people were supposed to be demonstrating against tax policy—tax policy, mind you, that was crafted under Republican leadership and a Republican president?  Perry hops across the state to play politics with “teabaggers” and impress that he can take care of Texas without Washington's help, but he surrenders unemployed Texans to the caldrons of a depressed economy and shifts taxation to small business owners.  This might all be a good plotline for a story if it weren't disgustingly factual.  Sound like a speaker you want at your “teabag” rally?    

This “base” that politicians like Perry are pandering to are angry and confrontational.  The Department of Homeland Security is beginning to pay a great deal more attention to the more extreme elements of the Right out of concern for exactly what I'm talking about.  From the DHS assessment:

Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.

So how long do we wait until they do begin to plan something before we begin to do something about it?  The fact that politicians like Rick Perry, a governor of a state in this Union, is not only pawing at this “base” he is adopting their rhetoric and conforming to their platform too is unconscionable.  

Rick Perry may say he is running for governor, but he talks like he is running for President of Texas.    


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    • From your second link

      …Under these terms, Texas would keep both its public lands and its public debt, it would have the power to divide into four additional states “of convenient size” in the future if it so desired, and it would deliver all military, postal, and customs facilities and authority to the United States government. (Neither this joint resolution or the ordinance passed by the Republic of Texas' Annexation Convention gave Texas the right to secede.) [emphasis added.]

      Maybe that's what Rick Perry has in mind. But what would be a convenient size for his very own state. I can't imagine him being conservative on that decision.

  1. hmmm
    glass houses, anyone? anyone?

    he hardly has the reputation of a budget-cutting, tax-cutter.

    his tax changes have caused outrage all over the state.

    his failure to act appropriately on tax or spending issues has our state headed towards a very high cliff at a high rate of speed.

    FOR THE RECORD: If you find yourself on the same side as Rick Green, you are on the wrong side.  Also known as the crazy side.

    what's worse is that this is all bullshit. he no more believes that crap than the man in the moon. if any legislator sincerely thinks he does believe this junk, they should seek to remove him from office.

    and in the final analysis, perry is going to spend every penny he can get his hands on it…he'll just shift the responsibility.  he clearly didn't learn any lessons from 06 or 08. take responsibility for your area and your actions and the voters will respond well.  don't blame your incompetence and failures on everyone else.

    • Someone
      has done a great job convincing him this is the way. I guess if all the ones on the crazy side are registered to vote…but are they?

      Being a registered voter is surely too much government in the life of a secessionist.

  2. Can we give him East Texas and be done with it?
    I've been so embarrassed as a Texan, and yesterday made me want to crawl under the rug once more.  Rick Perry in his jacket with his baseball cap spouting his propaganda in his Texas Twang.  Good lord, please just give him East Texas, so the rest of us can get our State back!

    • Except that
      he would probably be more comfortable in West Texas where he was raised ~ the unincorporated town of Paint Creek, to be precise.

      I think a good chunk of West Texas (and various unincorporated towns) could be sliced off for him and his followers.  

    • to hell with that
      don't give him east texas. just because we have a lot of trees doesn't mean folks are crazy.

      from my experience, most of the anti-government/constitutionalists/libertarian/states rights/wack jobs are in central and near west Texas.

      about 10 years ago they had nut bags in fort davis filing liens, issuing currency calling themselves the Republic of Texas based on some ass backwards interpretation of our annexation.

      next perry will tell us that we don't have to pay the IRS because something was never ratified in 1803.

      i say take ALL of texas away from him in 2010.

      • I was thinking about the trees, too.
        East Texas is so beautiful…

        One of the Republic of Texas secessionists died in a shootout with Texas (government) authorities in 1997. He was apparently fleeing authorities after writing phony checks. The secessionists also killed their dogs.

        It's not necessarily a great life. But maybe Rick Perry would do a better job.

        This story from May 6, 1997 tells the tale.

        A member of the militant secessionist group known as the Republic of Texas was shot and killed today in a gun battle with the Texas authorities in the Davis Mountains here.

        The man was one of two group members who fled on foot on Saturday, as the police held their fire and as the republic's leader and four other followers were surrendering. He was killed after both fugitives fired at a state police helicopter overhead and at several redbone hounds that had been tracking them. The other fugitive was not captured.

        At least three of the hounds were shot by the fugitives. One was killed, two were expected to survive, and a fourth was missing late tonight, the authorities said.

  3. Something else Perry has in common with Palin
    Since Palin thinks Alaska should go it alone and she got on the national stage, Perry must think that is a good strategy.  Good hair and separatist politics.  Two things Republican wannabees have in common

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