Help us Crowdsource Texas Legislators’ Support for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s campaign has been melting down for a while, but has accelerated since the release of the Access Hollywood tape of him bragging about sexual assault. When the tape was first released, several Republican elected officials unendorsed Trump, then re-endorsed him when they decided that Trump’s ability to stay conscious during the second presidential debate was sufficient for them to return their support.

Texas Republican elected officials have fairly uniformly retained their support of Trump, even in the face of his increasingly dangerous comments. Dan Patrick issued a weak non-condemnation, as did Greg Abbott, but both of them stuck by their man — probably because 74% of GOP voters still wanted Trump to be the nominee. Ted Cruz continued his streak of public self-humiliation by continuing to endorse Trump. The Texas Republican House delegation hasn’t been much better, with Corpus Christi Congressman (and noted sexual harasser himself Blake Farenthold saying on MSNBC that he’d still “consider” supporting Trump, even if Trump admitted to liking to rape women.

The only notable Texas Republican Congressman to back away from Trump is Will Hurd, who said he wouldn’t vote for Trump after the tape came out. But let’s not praise Hurd too quickly — he’s in a tight race for re-election, where it appears that denouncing Trump is a strategic decision, not a moral one. Remember, in a 70% Latino district, he refused to denounce Trump for months, even when Trump had made plenty of derogatory comments about Mexicans.

These are just a few examples — there are many Republicans who still support Trump, and a lot of them are remaining quiet, trying to stay under the radar so they can get away from the Trump disaster with minimal harm to themselves. One UT professor is trying to bring these Republicans out into the light, and we’re enlisting you, our BOR readers to help.

We’re asking you to help us identify Republicans in the US Congress and Texas Legislature who have thrown their support behind Trump. We’ve got an open Google Spreadsheet here where you can add any information you have about Texas legislators who support Trump.

Click here to open the spreadsheet. There are two tabs at the bottom, one for U.S. Congresspeople, and one for members of the Texas state legislature. If you have information about any of them supporting Trump , fill out the columns “SupportsTrump? (yes or no) – most recent”, “Date1 (mm/dd/yyyy)”, and “Link1” with their Trump support status and a dated link to any comments the elected official has made about Trump. Click here to get started.

We appreciate your help — together, we can hold the GOP accountable for their role in helping Donald Trump get to where he is today.


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Katie Singh

Katie grew up in Austin and has been involved in Texas politics since 2004. She has been a part of several campaigns, from state house races to working at President Obama's campaign headquarters in 2012. She loves public policy, public health, and tacos. Katie tweets from @kasingh19.

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