Breaking: 13 Votes Elect Next Texas House District 146 Representative

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Yet another domino has gone down, the continuing reaction to the unexpected death of Harris County Commissioner El Franco Le in January 2016.

This morning, 24 of 27 Harris County Democratic Precinct Chairs showed up to vote on who should replace Rep. Borris Miles on the ballot in November, since precinct chairs elected Miles to fill Sen. Rodney Ellis’s seat after Ellis stepped into the County Commissioner role at yet another special precinct chair election.

A 12-12 tie meant that a coin toss was needed to pick which precinct chair would preside over the meeting, which was boisterous.

Three candidates were in contention:

  1. Erica Lee Carter,Harris County Board of Education Trustee, activist, and daughter of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.
  2. Shawn Thierry, Houston attorney and former judicial candidate.
  3. Larry Blackmon, who has run for Houston City Council in the past.

In the first round of voting, Blackmon received one vote, Carter, 11, and Thierry, 12. To win, a candidate needed 13 votes.

All eyes turned to the Blackmon voter, who, after a few moments, moved into the Thierry group, making the votes 13-11 in her favor.

District 146 covers a horizontal swath of Houston south of the Medical Center and largely south and southwest of the 610 Loop, including many neighborhoods that have been brutally swamped by recent flooding.

With no Republican challenger in the general election, the Democratic nominee is the presumptive winner of the race. 2016 has proven to be the wildest political year in a long time, so who knows what could happen in the next 94 days. With that caveat, Burnt Orange Report congratulates Shawn Thierry on winning the nomination to serve District 146 in Austin.

UPDATE: Both Kris Banks and Chris Hooks attended the meeting and reported that the Blackmon voter who tilted the race in favor of Shawn Thierry identifies himself as a “Lyndon LaRouche Democrat.”

LaRouche adherents have been known to protest the Affordable Care Act by displaying photographs of Obama with a Hitler mustache superimposed on his face. The movement is currently calling for President Obama to be impeached.

It is unclear how many Democrats in District 146 identify as LaRouche Democrats. The number is not likely to be large.


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