Breaking: Sen. Rodney Ellis Gets on Ballot for Harris County Commissioner

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78 to 46, Senator Rodney Ellis received the majority of votes from Harris County Precinct One precinct chairs this morning in Houston. He will now be on the ballot for the position in November. As no one from the Republican Party is running, he has no challenger, and so is the presumptive next County Commissioner.

The voting went quickly. Former Houston City Attorney Gene Locke, who had been appointed by the all-Republican Commissioners Court after the lone Democrat, El Franco Lee, died unexpectedly, could not rally enough support to make it a close race.

Perhaps some in the community were upset he went back on his word to simply serve as a place-holder and not seek the seat? Others definitely expressed concern that the voters of Precinct One not accept the GOP pick for the seat.

Congratulations to Senator Ellis! We’ll miss you in the senate, but look forward to your leadership in the largest county* in Texas.

Next up—who’ll fill Senator Ellis’s seat?

*Don’t worry, Brewster County. We’re talking population, not size. You’re still the biggest by that measure. 


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