A Call for Writers: Join Us in 2016!

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I’m delighted to begin the year on Burnt Orange Report with a call for writers. BOR needs YOU in 2016! BOR seeks great writers who are dedicated to progressive change. If helping BOR keep up with the crazy political shenanigans going on across the state, championing the good work done by Texans day in, day out, without nearly enough media coverage, and explaining what the hell is really going on in state and local government (or at least staying up all night trying) sounds like heaven to you, I hope you’ll apply.

This year, BOR is taking a new approach to expanding our staff. First, we are seeking 2-3 writers to cover local or regional politics. These local staff writers will publish a weekly update and analysis of what’s going on in their area, with additional posts during elections or when local events need additional coverage. Clearly, BOR will not be able to cover the entire state in-depth with only three regionally-focused writers but it’s important to expand our scope. BOR has always been Austin-centric. In five months at the helm of BOR, I’ve come to see that as both a feature and a bug. My hope is that by regularly publishing political analysis from writers who are not based in Austin, BOR will become a more valuable source for progressive Texans. And by not dictating exactly what cities we want to cover, I believe BOR can be a better, more open platform for progressive change in Texas.

BOR is also looking for 2 staff writers to provide on-going analysis of one of the many issues that affect both Texans’ lives and our political culture. These writers will be responsible for two scheduled posts per month, with additional posts when needed to cover breaking news. So, what topics are we talking about? Frankly, there are so many issues that need continuous, progressive coverage, it’s impossible to pick just two. Throughout its history, BOR has been very fortunate to publish writers with a wide variety of issue expertise and personal experiences that informed their writing. So, rather than seeking experts on an issue of our choosing, we’re calling for writers with deep understanding of one or more areas and a commitment to progressive advocacy. Tell us what you want to write about, the issue that progressive Texans need to better understand–that’s what makes for great writing and interested, engaged readers.

To apply for one of these positions, here’s what we need from you:

  • A cover email telling us why you would like to join the BOR staff;
  • A resume (please include volunteer advocacy and political experience);
  • Two writing samples;
  • Two references (one should be able to discuss your writing skills).

Please send these materials with your cover email to editor@burntorangereport.com . Please allow us two days to confirm receiving your submission. Any questions you have about these positions should also be sent to editor@burntorangereport.com.

This call for writers will be open through Monday, January 25th. Our goal is to hire the new staff writers on a trial basis by the mid-February. Staff writers are hired as independent contractors by Burnt Orange Report’s owner Skytop Publishing and are paid by the post, with the number of monthly posts established contractually. Staff writers are expected to participate in staff discussion through email, conference calls and in-person meetings (when possible) and to support BOR as a publication via social media.

Thank you for your interest as writers and your support as readers. Fall 2015 turned out to be a big one for BOR, with national interest in Texas politics and politicians once again driving attention to our site. We’re excited to begin 2016 with the promise of new writers joining us for what we know will be an unforgettable year. Hang on to your hats, friends. It’s sure to be a bumpy ride.


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