Perry 2016 Announcement, Castro VP? and Silly Chuck Norris

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Next Thursday, June 4th, Rick Perry will announce his second campaign for president. He better hope there’s not a third in his future, or he might forget what he’s doing altogether.

How well is this effort really going? If you listened to NPR this morning, you heard the saddest little gathering of Iowans react to a rambling Rick Perry speech on something about “dry land cotton farmers,” and a joke about the dispute over whether or not Paint Creek had a post office or zip code. The bespectacled buffoon fails to place in the top 10 – that’s right – in most polls of the bloated GOP field.

Like half the GOP field, he’s running with next to no chance of victory. Coincidence, or a face-saving way to roll into retirement? Or perhaps increase future speaking fees as a two-time presidential candidate whose last campaign didn’t fall flat on its face nationally? We report, you decide.

Meanwhile, former San Antonio mayor and current HUD Secretary Julian Castro seems ready to go to battle on behalf of Hillary Clinton. On CNN, Castro said the endless Benghazi investigation is just Republicans “trying to manipulate this witch hunt to play politics. That’s unfortunate, and is one of the reasons why Congress has a 19 percent approval rating. I think that we need to focus on more substantive things.” He’s right of course. Here he is giving a very open answer about possibly joining her ticket:

I have found in life, like I bet a lot of folks watching out there, that the best thing to do in life is to do a great job with what’s in front of you, and I am trying to do a great job at HUD and make sure that we benefit Americans out there…That’s what I’m focused on these days.

With hopefully the final word on the routine Jade Helm military practice operation, Chuck Norris is accusing the media of twisting his words to depict him as a fearful coward accusing the military of practicing for an invasion of Texas. Unfortunately for Chuckie, these are the words he decided to put down in Internet ink: “They [military members]are merely following orders. What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington.” Hmm, what does that mean?



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