The Election’s Over: Here’s How to Continue Fighting for Reproductive Justice

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The election is over, and in the words of Wendy Davis (the Khaleesi of my heart, if not the governor of my state), “Being disappointed is okay, but being discouraged is not.” The fight isn’t over, and Texas reproductive justice advocates have a long road ahead of them. Now more than ever, the grassroots and nonprofit organizations dedicated to achieving reproductive justice in Texas need our support.

You voted with your vote; now vote with your time and money. Here are some organizations fighting for reproductive justice that could use your help:

Abortion Funds

Most abortion restrictions are designed to disproportionately affect low-income women, trans men, and people of color in rural areas. While upper middle class Texans living in urban areas may feasibly be able to tackle the (unnecessary) burdens of taking time off work and driving to a local clinic, millions of Texans face transportation, childcare, and lodging expenses in addition to the cost of an abortion.

Organizations like The Lilith Fund and Texas Equal Access Fund provide financial support to women seeking an abortion who cannot afford the costs. Monthly contributions keep these organizations running. Both Lilith Fund and TEA Fund also train hotline volunteers to return calls from Texans seeking abortion funds.

Fund Texas Choice is a nonprofit formed after the passage of HB 2 that provides funding for Texans who are forced to travel long distances to their abortion clinic. Fund Texas Choice also offers donors the option to have their donations go to West Texas clients, who often must drive more than five hours to reach a clinic.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Greater Texas provides full spectrum reproductive healthcare to Texans, as well as sexual health outreach and education. Clinics are always in need of volunteers as well as donations. Also consider giving to Planned Parenthood Action, the political advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas plays a crucial role in ensuring, through education, outreach, and grassroots organizing, that every Texan has can fully exercise their reproductive rights. Their work is particularly important as we prepare for two of the most outspoken, anti-abortion politicians to assume the top two positions in Texas government. “With Greg Abbott as governor and Dan Patrick as lieutenant governor, Texans’ health and safety will be even further compromised for the sake of anti-choice ideology,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Executive Director Heather Busby in a statement. “But we will not give up. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas will continue to fight back against anti-choice elected officials and any attacks they make on Texans’ reproductive health care.” You can support NARAL’s work by donating your money and donating your time.

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