Ted Cruz Reveals What he’d do if Elected President – And it’s Even Worse Than You Thought

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With the midterm elections approaching, Texas senator Ted Cruz penned an editorial in USA Today this week detailing what he’d like a potential Republican-controlled Congress to prioritize in 2015. As you might expect, the list is full of Tea Party staples: repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes, and slashing funding for federal programs. What makes Cruz’s list of Congressional priorities interesting is that it essentially previews what a Cruz 2016 presidential campaign agenda might look like–and it’s not pretty.

As Ted Cruz’s multiple trips to Iowa have suggested, Texas’ junior senator is all-but-confirmed to be running for president in 2016. Though his latest editorial is seemingly a guide for the next Congress, it reads as a list of Cruz’s own personal ambitions. He even references what he believes a newly elected Republican president will do in 2017.

Cruz’s list hits all the talking points he’s perfected over the last two years he’s spent in the Senate running his pre-presidential campaign. He’s big on cutting taxes, arguing for a regressive flat tax to replace all existing taxes. Cruz also wants to abolish the IRS, instead wanting to make taxes “so simple that they could be filled out on a postcard.” If you’re worried about how the government will be able to fund programs that help millions of Americans under a Cruz tax system, don’t be–he also wants to slash government funding for everything, so there won’t be any programs left to fund.

A Cruz presidency would also leave the environment in total disrepair. Cruz’s big suggestion for revitalizing the job market is to get rid of all environmental regulations and open up more jobs in fossil fuel for everyone. He is in favor of building the Keystone XL pipeline, and wants to open up even more protected land for oil exploration. Additionally, Cruz is a proponent of fracking, which he calls “innovative energy technology,” and he wants to stop fracking from being “handcuffed by the federal government.” And of course, he also wants to get rid of regulations on coal production, too.

The item Cruz spends the most time on is, unsurprisingly, repealing Obamacare by any means necessary. Cruz suggests that Congress should continue to waste time and money voting on bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because 40+ failed votes and millions of dollars spent apparently isn’t enough for him. Cruz even acknowledges that President Obama will likely veto all the ACA repeal bills, but argues that Republican electoral success in 2014 will leave Democrats feeling threatened enough to vote in favor of repealing Obamacare.

Cruz’s discussion of Obamacare is also where he hints most directly at what he’d do as president, writing, “In 2017, I believe a Republican president will repeal Obamacare in its entirety.” It’s obvious that the Republican president Cruz is referring to is himself, and that his first priority will be leaving millions of Americans without healthcare.

For those who stand in the way of this extreme right-wing agenda, Cruz has strong words:

We will either pass a serious agenda to address the real priorities of the American people — protecting our constitutional rights and pulling us back from the fiscal and economic cliff — or the Democrats will filibuster or veto these bills. And, if they do so, we will have transparency and accountability for the very next election.

As Rebecca Nelson at the National Journal translated:

In other words, the GOP is ready to paint its opponents as unwilling to compromise or get things done. And that strategy should give Cruz a solid foundation for a presidential campaign.

Cruz’s strategy for his 2016 campaign is becoming apparent, and Democrats should take note. It’s clear that he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his presidential ambitions, embracing all kinds of extremism in his attempts to woo the Republican base. But whether that strategy will actually get him elected remains to be seen, and for everyone’s sake, let’s hope it doesn’t.


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Katie Singh

Katie grew up in Austin and has been involved in Texas politics since 2004. She has been a part of several campaigns, from state house races to working at President Obama's campaign headquarters in 2012. She loves public policy, public health, and tacos. Katie tweets from @kasingh19.


  1. So…basically a libertarian theocracy.

    Imagine an America with no regulations, foul and polluted air and waterways, no regulations on business, no minimum wage, gutter wages for all us peons, all profits going to the 2%, no more pristine national parks, fracking wells everywhere belching out their chemicals, homeless people everywhere, hungry people everywhere, a totally privatized education system where only the wealthy get to educate their children.

    Gee, who wouldn’t want that, right? Straight out of the 1800s! Or maybe the 1700s, serfs and lords.

    • I’m from South America, and Ted Cruz sounds like a perfect old fashioned South American elitist dictator, who has contempt for the regular folks and supports the rich. His whole ideology is based on his fathers anti-Castro anti-communist views. According to his father the Democrats are communist in disguise, and they must be stopped, and anything that smells like a social program or a workers benefits, according to them is the grounds laid by the Democrats to establish a communist dictatorship. If this man becomes President we will first have to thank Ted Cruz’s father, then Ted, but foremost the manipulation of fear and ignorance of individuals like the Koch Brothers, and finally the apathy of liberals and progressives.

      • Oh, Please. The Democratic Party IS a Socialist Party now. Just look at where this country is going. We have no free speech anymore, we are losing our constitutional rights, Obama behaves like a third world dictator and the Democratic Party is backing Islam. Americans salaries are comparable to what they were in 1989. We have rampant voter fraud (since when are ILLEGAL aliens allowed to vote? But they are voting. Have you even bothered to read Agenda 21? I would if I were you. Google it and look for the article that says “Table of Contents”. If really believe that this is good for America, they you need to find another country to live in.

      • The fact that you live in South America says it all. You come from a society completely reliant on government and know nothing about freedom.

    • “So…basically a libertarian theocracy.”

      I have to admit that politics is replete with so-called ‘realized impossibilities’, but this one is still a stretch even in context. I’d rather not ‘imagine’ in a way that would please you: I have a demonstrated aversion to control freaks who prefer to order around their fellow humans via the government. Suffice it to say that the peons are not likely to be you and your ilk given the current political setup.

      I do find it interesting – and revealing – that you are an almost archetypical example of “One Dimensional Man” in your thinking – that one dimension, of course, being the much-too-vaunted “socio-economic scale.”

      Anyhoo…feel more than free to rattletrap in the way that you are accustomed to. Your rattle-trapping is of course the colour-in-the-lines kind, which of course will reassure you. Provided, of course, that you are not explicitly bothered by the likes of me calling you out as the pseudo-intellectual which you clearly are.

      Again, feel free to resort to whatever stereotype you’ve imbibed from your teachers with 0% questioning in re fundamentals. I don’t mind in the least. [Hint: “crank”. Dat’ll set yore mind at ease, especially since I can’t be bothered to reply to the likes of you.]

      • D.M. Ryan, if you couldn’t be bothered to reply, you should have just kept your condescending opinions to yourself to start with. How egotistical of you to lambaste someone then state you are too good to reply. You show your pettiness in every word you use.
        Why don’t you add real context to the conversation, instead of just hurling insults. This conversation is about what Ted Cruz chooses to do to this nation, not what you think of someone you don’t even know.
        I’m taking it, you’re a libertarian. Why don’t you enlighten us as to why libertarians are soooo much better?? Probably because you have no grounds to stand on, and when you can’t argue the point, you resort to insult.
        BTW, I won’t bother replying to you, either, so have a nice day.

      • Well, “colour-in-the-lines” means that (1) you aren’t American & can’t vote here or (2) you are the faux intellectual.

  2. In other words, he’s going to accuse Democrats of doing what Republicans have been doing for the past six years. Except it’s already on the record that Republicans have vowed to do exactly this. When it gets thrown back in their faces (if the media does its job), what will be their reaction?

    And on another note, this is only the tip of the iceberg for a Cruz Presidency, He’s also a radical theocrat and will turn us into Iran. All you have to do is listen to the unhinged rantings of his father.

    • There are over 161 bills that the Republicans have or want passed and it is Harry Reid himself that will not LET THEM COME TO A VOTE. So just who is stopping the process? Not Republicans that is for sure.

      • Please don’t be so obtuse. Those idiotic House bills aren’t coming to the floor because they do not have the votes to even stop debate, much less pass on a vote.

        The House on the other hand will not let anything from the Senate come to the floor either, like the bi-partisan Senate Immigration Reform bill, which would pass the House.

        I understand that you have been hypnotized to believe in an alternate universe, but for the good of our country, when I snap my fingers, come back to reality. *SNAP*

  3. First, Sen Cruz will have to explain to every American with more than one functioning brain cell, how ANY President can repeal ANY law. Congress repeals laws, not Presidents.

      • Jake Eagleshield on

        It will be the end of our Republic as we know it. Anyone wh takes Cruz seriously, is a bigger idiot than he is.Maybe he was home schooled by his lunatic father. If you have fewer than four active brain cells then perhaps Cruz makes sense to you.

    • Mr. Bob Dobalina on

      The current president is, as a matter of course, becoming quite comfortable unilaterally making laws, thus bypassing the legislative branch (and thus the will of the people) while laying waste to the constitution. Your appeal to constitutional law after that fact is the very definition of hypocrisy. Single brain cell indeed.

      • Dobalina doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of how our government works. And that’s okay. Since he’s obviously not an American citizen, he can’t vote. But for the record… All American Presidents have the right to use executive orders at their leisure. But more importantly, there’s really no point arguing the merits or problems that would result from a ted cruz presidency. He is not legally allowed to run. Unless of course you think his birthplace of Calgary, Alberta is part of the US.

    • And Obama is America’s case of Ebola: Causing death and devastation on an international scale.

      And Cruz is here to stay. He will have a lot of work ahead of him repairing what your messiah has destroyed.

    • The only thing that I’d go with is the flat tax. Everybody paying the same amount would delete a lot of loopholes. It would be interesting to watch them try to excuse big business from a flat tax. They should also lose the tax exempt status of preachers. Not the church itself, but people like Joel Osteen who bring in obscene amounts of money and don’t pay tax on it.

  4. There is no way this man could ever be elected president. His wife is a VP of Goldman Sachs, indisputably the most hated financial institution in the US. But if by some fluke he were elected, the precipitate budget cuts he has promised would guarantee a deep recession and give us two decades of Democrats repairing the damage.

  5. If this nutcase was ever elected President, there would be blood in the streets. The 99% would not just lay down and let this freak steal everything that was not nailed down. This man is a power hungry nutcase, he is too impressed with himself

  6. Ted makes more sense the Moral Idiots that make up the media mavens here and the responders who apparently all voted for Obama as civilization falls apart under liberal ideology. And these people think Ted would ruin America. Yikes. In 6 yrs. that has already been done by an ideology which never works and makes people as dumb as the voters of the Left.

  7. That sounds awesome. We definitely need deep changes and reforms in government and Ted Cruz is the only politician who is really making the case for it.

  8. Thanks! I was undecided on candidates but thanks to this article I’m all in for Cruz!
    Sounds like the perfect antidote for our current Tool in Chief.

    • I know, right! America needs Cruz!

      America needs a regressive flat tax so that programs that help the poor can no longer be funded, those deadbeats should just die in the streets! Including the useless old folks and people with disabilities!

      And to hell with the environment! Who needs the EPA? It just keeps people from making money! More oil, more coal, more gas, more for everyone, cheaper, too! We don’t care if we destroy the earth as long as we have more money! Future generations can just worry about themselves! And the animals that will die — who cares about a bunch of wild animals that don’t serve any purpose anyway?

      And the millions of people who now have insurance because of the ACA — they’re probably just a bunch of deadbeats or sick people who are going to die anyway! No more ACA, we don’t care about those useless people who can get medical care now! All we care about is paying less for ours insurance, all those other people can just go without!

      America, land of opportunity if you’re rich! Maybe if Cruz does it right, all the sick, old, and homeless people will just die off, and we can all be rich while we’re choking on the pollution because we got rid of those pesky regulations that cost corporations money! Won’t that be fun?
      Ted Cruz for president! Yayyyyy!

  9. Rest easy, folks. There’s no way anyone from the GOP is getting anywhere near the White House.

    No matter whom the Dems nominate, he/she is guaranteed to start off with at least an easy 253 electoral votes..
    ME, VT, NY, MA, DE, CT, MD, NJ, DC, PA, MI, WI, MN, IL, NM, WA, NV, OR, CA, HI

    NH, IA, VA, and CO have been trending in a decidedly blue direction politically and demographically over the past few cycles. And if either OH or FL go blue, it’s game over without even looking at any of those smaller trending states.

    In order for the GOP to barely, and I mean baaaaaarely sneak-by 269EVs, they’d have to run the table on swing states AND cut into states that are getting rather friendly towards Democratic presidential politics. Not gonna happen. Demographics have gotten downright ugly for them in too many pivotal states.

    That said, I hope that the Ted Cruz types stick around. We need entertainment in the form of schadenfreude when Hillary names Antonin Scalia’s & Anthony Kennedy’s replacements. 😀

  10. When liberals attack someone, you can bet that person must be a God-fearing patriot with conservative values who knows how to shoot a gun, has worked hard to get where he is and doesn’t want to pay taxes to make sure some stupid, lazy, self-entitled, drug-using, sex crazed sodomy loving POS doesn’t have to work so he can play party or video games all day because he gets “free” food, rent, education, and healthcare paid for off the sweat of our brow!

  11. “Even worse than you thought” Ha! You’ve made me like Ted even more! Imagine liberty breaking out again in the United States again! The horror! I know the Mexican Constitution is quite socialist, perhaps you should consider moving there if you don’t like Ted. Oh I forgot, Mexico is very strict with immigration and it’s borders. Don’t feel left out though, you can still experience all of the third world’s diseases courtesy of unrestricted immigration here!

  12. Katie….”get rid of all environmental regulations “…..yeah right…. Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t say that.
    Your reporting is terribly inaccurate, biased and untruthful.
    What is so “affordable” about the Affordable Care Act if the deductibles are $6500 per year?
    Katie eat less tacos and go research more facts.

  13. Luke The Drifter on

    Why ya’ll so racist? You do realize that, by liberal logic, everybody opposing Cruz is racist, right? All this twaddle about policies is clearly a smokescreen.
    Dang, he’s sounding better and better all the time. I think this pretty much locks in my vote for him.
    Since *I’m* not a racist.
    Thanks, Katie!

  14. What a breath of fresh air! I am fully behind Ted Cruz’s efforts. The fear mongering regarding the government running out of money is laughable, since we spend 1 Trillion more than we take in each year now! We ran out of money years ago and just print more. This will catch up with us sooner or later and it will not be pretty.

  15. Everything this “journalist” said of Ted Cruz is correct, and I hope he does it as President. America has so much oil and natural gas that we could get this country out of debt if we drill where we want instead of looking at economic collapse.

  16. Katie is obviously a bleeding heart liberal and has a really demented view of conservatives to the point of telling big fat lies. I am really surprised that a web site representing UT would allow such a malicious and slanted report against a great American who has this countries best interest at heart. She should go to India or Pakistan and see how the politics are there.

  17. Thanks, Katie for listing just a few of Sen. Cruz’s positive ideas for America…Please keep up the informative articles, and with your help we can elect a President Cruz, who with the help of his Vice President Allen West or Sarah Palin can begin the daunting task of cleaning up after 8 years of Obama…I’d vote for him tomorrow…

    • Jake Eagleshield on

      you must be a glutton for punishment. Cruz and his ilk don’t give a damn about ordinary people,or the country. Send the carrpetbagger back to Canada. If they will even have hm

  18. Homer Thompson on

    Wow. Lots of teabilly gibberish in the comments (shocking, that). The good news: Cruz is unelectable. Nobody but the FauxNews dregs of society actually think any of that would be a reasonable way to govern. He is a lunatic, spouting nonsense at the people dumb enough not to understand that it is nonsense.

    You know, there already is a place where there’s zero government regulation of anything, everyone is uniformly religious, everyone is armed all the time and free to do quite literally whatever they want, no public sector, all private everything from education to energy… and yet I never see anything in the news about the ‘success story’ that must be happening over in Somalia. It’s almost like that laundry list of GOP wishes would result in a failed-state hellhole instead of Teabilly Utopia. Strange.

    • Apparently the Teabaggers have decided to start hanging out here–when they aren’t at Amazon giving 5-star reviews to the latest Right Wing glurge published. (Of course, you can tell they never actually read the stuff.)

      Ted Cruz is repellent. His ideas appeal to the very loud fringe & he lacks the charm to win any of the undecided. Even our poor dim W seemed more likeable….

    • Luke The Drifter on

      And yet…..
      And yet *you* think sneering is an argument, and clearly have no idea that you’re not impressing anybody who notices you got nothin’. That’s hardly an intellectual position.
      So yeah, that only works with other liberals.
      Sorry to bust your bubble.

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