Greg Abbott Lied About The School Funding Lawsuit During The Debate

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Greg Abbott lied.

During the debate, when Senator Wendy Davis asked Abbott why he hadn’t dropped the school finance lawsuit, Abbott wrongly claimed that a law passed in 2011 prevented him from dropping his appeal of the decision in which a court has ruled that Texas’s school finance system is inadequate and unconstitutional.

Wendy Davis filibustered $5.4 billion in cuts to public education and started the effort last session that led Democrats to restore more than $3 billion of those cuts. As Governor, she would veto a budget that fails to fund public education.

Last night, Harvey Kronberg called out Greg Abbott for misleading Texans about the school funding lawsuit.

I can tell you that anytime somebody sues the government of the State of Texas successfully over a certain threshold, an Attorney General is empowered and has a great deal of discretion to settle, but over a certain dollar amount, it has to be approved by the Legislature. So he mischaracterized what the law does – it does allow him to settle, it’s simply contingent on legislative approval.

The folks over at Progress Texas have more about the law in question.

Bottom line: not only is Greg Abbott defending $5.4 billion in cuts to Texas public schools, he lied about his ability to drop the lawsuit during the debate.

Texans deserve a governor who won’t look them in the eye and lie about public school funding.


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