On Tax-Free Weekend, a Reminder Republican Comptroller Candidate Glenn Hegar Will Raise Sales Taxes

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Today is the last day of this year's Tax-Free Weekend, the three-day statewide sales tax holiday that allows families to buy clothes, backpacks, and school supplies without paying sales tax for their back-to-school purchases.

The sales tax-free weekend is often a reminder that Texas' 8.25% sales tax is one of the highest in the nation. Democratic candidate for Comptroller Mike Collier is also using the weekend to remind voters of Republican Glenn Hegar's plan to make that rate even higher.

Earlier this year, Hegar said he “never liked the property tax,” and proposed replacing it with a “consumption based tax,” or another sales tax. Eliminating the property tax would mean that sales tax would have to double, or even triple to replace the lost revenue.

Fresh off his Texas Watchdog Tour, Collier launched a new ad campaign this weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to bring attention to Hegar's plan to raise sales tax for Texas families on this tax-free weekend.

In a statement, Collier called Hegar's plan “wrong” and “dumb,” and emphasized his focus on common-sense solutions for Texas families”

    “While Texans enjoy this tax free weekend, they should know my opponent Glenn Hegar's plan would triple the state's sales tax. Hegar refuses to back away from his plan that would hurt the very same people who are benefitting the most from this tax-free weekend. Hegar's plan is not only wrong for Texas, it's dumb.

    Texas taxpayers need a Watchdog, which is precisely why I'm running for Comptroller. As a Certified Public Accountant I'm committed to getting the numbers right for our Texas students, teachers, and their families.”

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer also released a statement condemning Hegar's plan to raise taxes:

    “As Texas kids go back to school, parents are taking advantage of the sales tax holiday to spread their dollar a bit further. While families are out saving, we can't help but wonder what their receipts would look like if Glenn Hegar wins this November. Glenn Hegar prefers a plan for the Comptroller's office that would nearly triple the state sales tax. This Republican tax plan would crush the retail industry and hurt Texas families – the very same people who utilize this tax free holiday.

    The watchdog, Mike Collier, has crunched the numbers and it is clear, Glenn Hager's tax plan just does not add up for Texas families.”

Watch Mike Collier's newest ad below:


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