Senate Fundraising Roundup: Libby Willis in Strong Position to Retain Wendy Davis' Seat

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Republican Konni Burton is going to have to try harder if she wants to take SD-10 away from Democrats

The most competitive race in the Texas State Senate is District 10, currently held by Sen. Wendy Davis. Sen. Davis decided to forgo a run for re-election to run for Governor of Texas instead. Luckily for Texas Democrats, a surprisingly strong candidate has emerged to run tin her stead.

From the beginning of the year until June 30, the fairest way to measure fundraising strength for Texas State races due to a lack of quarterly reporting and only candidates in contested races must file reports before primaries and runoffs, Democrat Libby Willis has raised $293,982.93. Her Republican opponent, anti-abortion activist Konni Burton, who needed cash for her crowded primary and a competitive runoff, raised $279,122.01 in the same time period. In the category that matters most, cash on hand (COH), Democrat Libby Willis' bank account is over twice that of Burton's: Willis has $102,389.29 compared to Burton's $45,364.00.

With just over four months left to fundraise, Burton is going need much more to keep up with her Democratic opponent. An unanswered internal poll from the Willis campaign shows the race is a toss up, and this is before the heavy campaigning has begun. Today, with her bank account, Willis can tell her story to twice as many people as Burton.

The full Texas Senate fundraising report after the jump, including a look at the strong efforts by Democrat Rita Lucido in District 17.Senate District 17, Joan Huffman

In 2008, the special election for District 17 went to a December runoff between Democrat Chris Bell and Republican Joan Huffman. In the 2008 general election, Democrats combined for over fifty percent of the vote, but because Bell did not get over 50% on his own, a runoff was required which he narrowly lost. Redistricting caused District 17 to become much more Republican as it lost Galveston Island and Jefferson County to other Senate Districts.

However, District 17 is still one of the closer districts in its partisan breakdown. This year, Sen. Joan Huffman will face attorney Rita Lucido. Lucido is reporting a good fundraising half and raised $149,249.46. Huffman does have the incumbent advantage, however, and pulled $282,629.12 in the same timeframe. While Lucido is putting in the necessary fundraising work to be competitive, she still has a steep fundraising hill to climb. Huffman leads $944,371.61 to $105,091.36 in cash on hand, almost nine to one.

Other Notes

-Vik Vad, the Republican challenger to Kirk Watson, is yet to file a fundraising report.

-In Senate District 15, incumbent Democrat John Whitmire leads all challenged incumbents with $7,812,835.94 in COH. His opponent retains less than $100. Whitmire's COH advantage is 203,353 to 1, more than enough to easily win in his heavily Democratic district.

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