Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte Out-Raise Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick

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Fundraising reports were due Tuesday at midnight. For the third reporting deadline in a row, Sen. Wendy Davis has out-raised Attorney General Greg Abbott. Since the March primary, Wendy Davis is reporting approximately $11.2 million raised compared to Abbott's $11.0 million raised since winning their nominations.

Sen. Davis is not the only statewide Democrat in Texas who is outpacing her Republican opponent. Once the runoff ended and Sen. Dan Patrick was nominated as the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Sen. Van de Putte has outpaced Patrick by approximately $1.2 million to $1 million. Further, in the most important fundraising category, cash on hand, or cash remaining in a candidate's bank account, Sen. Van de Putte leads Patrick with $1,247,530.42 compared to $946,982.47.

The fundraising reports for all statewide Democratic and Republican candidates, including complete numbers for Sen. Wendy Davis and Sen. Van de Putte, are available after the jump.Attorney General

Of the remaining statewide candidates, Sam Houston may find himself in the best shape. Houston has $153,583.24 cash on hand, and while Paxton has more he has an underwhelming $385,919.80 left after his runoff. With his ethics violations looming, Paxton will likely have a hard time raising funds. Since January 1, Paxton has raised $3,037,726.28 compared to Houston's $169,333.62. Paxton spent most of his money to buy his nomination.


Mike Collier raised the most of any statewide Democrat outside of Sens. Davis and Van de Putte. Since January he raised $350,027.00 while Sen. Hegar pulled $2,063,525.68. While Hegar spent most of his during his primary he does retain the cash on hand advantage: $1,228,986.82 to $284,434.51.

Land Commissioner

If you are a Bush, money comes easy. George P. Bush has $2,842,334.78 in his bank account while Democrat John Cook has $423.18 remaining to spend. Cook has had a high burn rate, he pulled in $22,739.64 since January.

Agriculture Commissioner

Jim Hogan is an embarrassment to Democrats: he has raised $0 and retains $0 for his campaign. Hogan has stated he has no intention of changing his disgraceful campaign habits. Republican Sid Miller has raised $289,242.23 since January 1, and has $12,142.27 left to spend.

Railroad Commissioner

Democrat Stephen Brown is reporting $34,320.62 raised and retains $5,017.00. His Republican opponent, energy executive Ryan Sitton, has $99,703.40 left to spend and raised $1,632,234.67 since the beginning of the year, most of which he spent on a primary and runoff.

You can view our complete fundraising information here.

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