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Wendy Davis Has Two Words for Republicans at the Texas GOP Convention: You're Welcome

by: Genevieve Cato

Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 04:30 PM CDT

The year's Texas Republican Party state convention is taking place in Fort Worth, which just so happens to be Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis' stomping grounds. For those visiting the city for the convention this week, the Davis campaign has a new video with a simple message: "You're welcome!"

Before her statewide candidacy, and even before her tenure in the State Senate, Wendy Davis served on the Fort Worth City Council. She wanted to share her intimate knowledge of some of the best spots in the city - and let visiting Republicans know exactly who they can thank as they're enjoying what Fort Worth has to offer.

More on the hilarious clip below the jump.

The video offers suggestions on places to stay, where to get coffee, and where tired delegates could grab something to eat "after a long day of alienating women, Latinos, and the LGBT community." All of these locations were, of course, "brought to you by Wendy Davis."

As the Davis campaign's communications director, Zac Petkanas, explains:

We wanted to make sure Republicans got the first class treatment in our fine city, so we're proud to offer some suggestions of where to visit while they're here. Many of the delegates are staying at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel and they have Wendy Davis' work on the Fort Worth City Council to thank for that. And if they enjoy eating out on Magnolia Avenue or at Montgomery Plaza, they'll have Wendy Davis' efforts to thank for that meal as well. So we have just two words to say to Republicans visiting this week: you're welcome.

The clip expertly uses these three locations as examples of Davis' work as a Councilmember to encourage economic development in Fort Worth and bring jobs and businesses to the community. It ends by assuring Republicans that Davis will continue to use the same drive and dedication to growing Texas' economy when she is in the governor's seat.

Magnolia Street and Montgomery Avenue serve as two examples of Davis' work in Fort Worth to help set the groundwork to turn these areas into local hotspots. The historic building at Montgomery Plaza was set to be leveled and turned into a strip center until Davis and her colleagues stepped in to create economic incentives for businesses willing to create jobs and invest in the local economy. The plan, based on tax rebates, worked, and Montgomery Plaza brought in more than $42.5 million dollars of private investment by 2012.

A developer tried to tear down a local business on Magnolia Avenue, Paris Coffee Shop. Davis and the Fort Worth City Council used beatification projects and infrastructure improvements not only to save that local business, but to ensure that the whole neighborhood was more accessible to customers from the community. Through a tax increment financing district and initiatives focused directly on the Southside and Rosedale areas, Davis and her colleagues helped encourage economic growth and brought much-needed housing to the community.  

When the Fort Worth Convention Center went through a $75 million expansion aimed at taking advantage of tourism opportunities, the city was face with a problem: they did not have a hotel with the capacity to attract and house the tourists. Davis worked on an economic incentive package that brought Omni to the area to build the Omni Fort Worth Hotel, which brought $100 million to the local economy and created 500 new jobs.

The tongue-in-cheek video will make you laugh out loud - but the message is serious business: Wendy Davis has a proven record of encouraging economic growth through economic incentive programs and public/private partnerships. She has the experience to continue to build the kind of Texas we need for the future, and the passion to make sure that that future is open to every Texan. Welcome to Fort Worth, Texas Republican Party, and welcome to the (blue) future of your state.  

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Wendy did suffer mental health issues as she stated in her lawsuit.  

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