David Alameel Trounces Fake Democrat Kesha Rogers; Is Democratic Nominee for US Senate

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On Tuesday night, the first statewide call we made on Burnt Orange Report was David Alameel's crushing victory over LaRouche acolyte Kesha Rogers. Alameel's victory was not even close. By a margin of 72.16% – 27.83%, Texas Democrats decided they wanted a nominee who supported the party's core values over a fringe radical.

David Alameel, who was endorsed by Sen. Wendy Davis, Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, and all major Texas newspapers, will join Sens. Davis and Van de Putte at the top of the Democratic ticket and face Republican incumbent Sen. John Cornyn this November. Dr. Alameel immigrated to the US from Lebanon, became a dentist, and a successful investor in the years since. As the Democratic Party's nominee, Alameel will work to ensure a positive future for all Texans which will include working to create jobs that can not be shipped overseas, raise the minimum wage, and enforce and expand tough equal pay laws.

However, while Dr. Alameel won by a wide margin, there is room for improvement. In 34 Texas counties, Texas Democrats did not get the memo that one of the Democratic candidates for US Senate wanted to impeach President Obama and held other extreme views that did not reflect the party's core values. These kinds of results can always be fixed with better, more engaged organizing at the local level, and the first step to that correction is identifying where the problem is today. Check below the jump to make sure your home county's Democrats did not vote to impeach President Obama!All information gathered from the Texas Secretary of State website. These are the 34 counties in Texas that voted for Kesha Rogers over David Alameel. In the other 220 counties either Dr. Alameel won, there were no votes cast, or in a few rare cases, ended in a tie.

County Total Alameel Votes Total Rogers Votes
Calhoun 371 407
Carson 3 5
Childress 2 6
Coke 3 4
Concho 3 5
Crockett 12 15
Crosby 17 36
Culberson 71 72
Falls 34 37
Fisher 18 19
Floyd 7 8
Gray 5 8
Gregg 516 565
Hall 4 10
Hamilton 20 21
Hudspeth 34 53
Jefferson 3,258 3,670
Kenedy 24 25
Kent 3 8
Lipscomb 1 6
Live Oak 10 11
Loving 1 5
Menard 0 2
Mitchell 9 14
Newton 35 40
Nolan 44 52
Parmer 2 4
Pecos 30 34
Schleicher 11 20
Stonewall 7 13
Swisher 79 112
Terry 10 16
Titus 77 85
Upton 7 14

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