2014 Texas Runoff Elections Liveblog

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Welcome to Burnt Orange Report's live-blog for tonight's election results of the Texas runoff election! 24 partisan races for statewide and legislative races went to a runoff because no candidate received over 50% of the vote on March 4.

Polls across Texas will close at 7:00 p.m. local time; all of Texas will close at 7:00 CST except in El Paso, which will follow one hour later.

We will be following and tracking results for all legislative and statewide races, providing regular updates and calling races as we can. The most recent update will appear above the fold. All previous updates and a table of complete results will appear beneath the fold.

A special thanks to Joe Deshotel who is helping me plug in the latest numbers throughout the night!

Major calls: David Alameel wins for US Senate (D), Dan Patrick for Lt. Gov (R), Ken Paxton for Attorney General (R), Sid Miller for Agriculture Commissioner (R), Jim Hogan for Agriculture Commissioner (D), Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commissioner (R), John Ratcliffe for CD-4 (R), Will Hurd for CD-23 (R), Brian Babin for CD-36 (R), Bob Hall for SD-2 (R), Konni Burton for SD-10 (R).

Thank you for spending your election night with us!

Update 11:30 p.m.: Surprise, surprise. TEA Partying Bob Hall has defeated Sen. Bob Deuell by exactly 300 votes per the AP. This is close enough for a recount but it is unlikely these results will change. Hall's campaign did very little on their own, and was mostly supported by third party conservative groups.

And with that, we are now really ending things for tonight. Thank you for joining us tonight!Updates will run at the top of the page, scroll to the bottom to see election returns.

Update 10:55 p.m.: SD-2, will not be called tonight, even when the final boxes are found and tallied. This race will involve the counting of mail and provisional ballots and possibly a recount.

We are shutting things down for the night. Thank you for spending your evening with Burnt Orange Report. And a thank you to Michael Hurta who also helped with some of the number crunching tonight!

Update 10:45 p.m.: The AP is calling HD-58 for DeWayne Burns and HD-129 for Dennis Paul. Only SD-2 remains where Bob Hall is leading Sen. Bob Deuell by 212 votes. There are only 18 precincts remaining.

Update 10:15 p.m.: Wendy Davis has publicly congratulated Burnt Orange Report endorsed Cesar Blanco and Susan Motley on their primary victories for State House!

Update 9:58 p.m.: With 73% in, we are going to call House District 66 for Matt Shaheen over Glenn Callison. This is Van Taylor's open seat. With a margin of over 600 between them, we are also calling House District 10 for John Wray over TJ Fabby. This is Jim Pitts' open seat. SD-2, HD-58, and HD-129 are the only races we are not calling yet, although things look good for Burns in 58 and Paul in 129.

Update 9:42 p.m.: So what are we still waiting on? SD-2 is the big race outstanding. Incumbent Bob Deuell is leading by 250 votes with 44% in. Several state house races are still too close to call as well, all Republican: HD-10 John Wray leads TJ Fabby by 600 votes with 8 precincts left, HD-58 DeWayne Burns leads Philip Eby with 500 votes difference, HD-66 has a 682 difference with Matt Shaheen leading Glenn Callison, and in HD-129 Dennis Paul leads by 400 votes with almost all of election day still outstanding.

Oklahoma City 76, San Antonio 53. #GoSpursGo

Update 9:35 p.m.: A few more calls. In Congressional District 36 Brian Babin will beat Ben Streausand to replace Steve Stockman.  Also, in Senate District 10, Konni Burton will wave the GOP banner and try to replace Wendy Davis by flipping the district red. She will face Libby Willis in November.

Update 9:25 p.m.: It's been over for a while, but it can now be called. Rep. Stefani Carter has lost in Dallas' HD-102 to fmr. Councilwoman Linda Koop. Carter is down 61-39 with over half in.

Update 9:20 p.m.: BOR endorsed Susan Motley has won the Democratic nomination in Dallas' HD-105! We are also calling SBOE-13 for  BOR endorsed Erika Beltran . BOR's other endorsed candidate, Cesar Blanco continue to lead by a large margin in El Paso, with only the early vote in. Patricia Hardy has won her Republican runoff in SBOE-11 against a TEA Party challenger concluding the SBOE races.

Update 9:11 p.m.: And just like that, it is over. 91 year old Ralph Hall has lost his runoff to John Ratcliffe in Congressional District 4.

Update 9:10 p.m.: Per the AP, 66% is in for Congressional District 4 andCongressman Ralph Hall is down 52-48, still. The counties that are out do not speak the best for the long time congressman.

Update 9:02 p.m. This completes the statewide slate. Ted Nugent fan Sid Miler will be the Republican nominee for Agriculture Commissioner.

Update 8:57 p.m.: Will Hurd has earned the right to lose to Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego in Congressional District 23.

Update 8:55: Time for a few calls in some lower State House races. In House District 16 Will Metcalf will be the nominee to replace Brandon Creighton in District 16 and Andrew Murr will take the GOP nomination in District 53.

Update 8:42 p.m.: With 16% in, BOR endorsed Erika Beltran leads 2:1 for State Board of Education District 13 in Dallas.

Update 8:35 p.m.: We haven't touched on Senate District 10 yet, this is Wendy Davis' open seat. Anti Abortion activist Konni Burton is leading fmr State Rep and 2012 nominee Mark Shelton 61-39 with only the early vote in.  

Update 8:31 p.m. Meanwhile out in El Paso, Burnt Orange Report's endorsed candidate Cesar Blanco is leading fmr. Rep. Norma Chavez 67-32 with only the early vote in.

Update 8:25 p.m: The two closest high profile races still out are in Congressional District 4 and Senate District 2, both feature a pair of long time incumbents. Congressman Ralph Hall trails 52-48 with 14% in. In SD-2 Sen. Deuell leads by 50 VOTES with 3% in.

Update 8:19 p.m.: Energy Executive Ryan Sitton will defeat former State Rep. Wayne Christian to be the Republican nominee for Railroad Commissioner. He leads 60-40.

Update 8:17 p.m.:  For US Congress, it's still early but Brian Babin and Will Hurd continue to hold big leads in their races. Babin leads in CD-36 with 57% at 12.45% in while Hurd leads former congressman Canseco with 58% and 27.48% in.

Update 8:11 p.m.: NO POT FOR YOU! Per the AP, Jim Hogan has defeated Kinky Friedman in the race for the Democratic nomination of Agriculture Commissioner. There was no winner in this race.

Update: 8:06 p.m.: And just like that, David Dewhurst is done and Dan Patrick has won for Lt. Governor. Ken Paxton has also been declared the victor over Dan Branch for Attorney General.

Update 8:05 p.m. On the Republican ticket statewide, Patrick and Paxton are leading for Lt. Governor and Attorney General with close to 63% in both races. Sid Miller has a much narrower lead for Agriculture Commissioner with 55%. Ryan Sitton, however, the non TEA Party candidate, is leading for Railroad Commissioner with over 60%.

Update: 8:00 p.m.: It's 8:00 cst, polls are now closed in El Paso meaning through the state. We can now call David Alameel the victor over Kesha Rogers in the race for US Senate. Also, with 8:00, it is now tip off between the other big contest involving some famous Texans tonight in Oklahoma City, #GoSpursGo!

Update 7:57: It's early but I'm going start closing up a two of these races. In Dallas' House District 108 Morgan Meyer leads with 73% of the vote with only the early vote in. and in Houston's House District 132, Mike Schofield leads with 71% with only early vote in. I don't see those results changing. Chart Westcott spent a ridiculous amount of money to only get less than 30%, what a waste.

Update 7:49 p.m.: Good news for the State Board of Education. Burnt Orange Report's endorsed candidate, Erika Beltran, is leading by a large margin 66-34 in district 13. In the republican runoff in district 11, incumbent Pat hardy is leading her TEA Party challenger Eric Mahroum 57-43!

Update 7:42: In other state house races across the state, it's Wray in HD-10, Metcalf in HD-16, Murr in HD-53, Burns in HD-54, Shaheen, narrowly, in HD-66, Paul in HD-129, and Schofield in HD-132. All are leading but it's too early to call.

Update 7:38: For US Congress, Brian Babin and Will Hurd both lead by similar margins in congressional districts 36 and 23.  THere's not enough in to make a call, but both are in good position. Meanwhile in congressional district 4, incumbent Ralph Hall is still trailing 52-38 with 7% in.

Update 7:34: It is really close in Senate District 2. Incumbent Bob Deuell is narrowly ahead of TEA Party some dude Bob Hall by a 51-48 margin. Hall has almost exclusive been funded by outside interest groups and has run little of his own campaign.

Update 7:29: In Dallas, it looks like State Rep. Stefani Carter is about to lose her primary to former Councilwoman Linda Koop. Badly. She trails 61-39. Burnt Orange Report's endorsed candidate Susan Motley is cruising in 105 and Morgan Meyer is also cruising with 73% in 108, the most expensive stat house primary this year.

Update 7:23 p.m. Taking the Leads for the Republicans statewide, It's Patrick, Paxton, Miller, and, surprisingly, Sitton. All except Sitton are considered the more extreme options.

Update 7:15 p.m: Could this be the end of Rep. Ralph Hall? Early vote is in, and he trails 51-48 to fmr US Attorney John Ratcliffe.

Update 7:11p.m.: First dump in, Alameel is cleaning up in the early vote over Kesha Rogers! Kinky Friedman narrowly trails Jim Hogan.

Update 7:00 p.m.: It is 7:00 cst, polls through most of Texas are now closed! Polls in El Paso County will remain open for another hour, but this is it for the rest of the state. We will let you know as soon as results start rolling in!

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