#WendySummit Brings Volunteers Across the State Together to Organize for Wendy Davis

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This weekend in Austin, Battleground Texas volunteers from across the state gathered for the neighborhood team summit, aka the #WendySummit – a training in strategy and best practices for these highly committed volunteers, as well as an opportunity to meet and draw energy from fellow members of Team Wendy. Joined by experts in the field, such as J.D. Angle, the event was a prime example of what Battleground must do best for Davis to win in November: activate grassroots organizers across the state to turn out their neighbors, family, and friends.

From its inception, Battleground Texas was heralded as a mechanism for turning the tide on Texas' abysmal voter turnout. This, combined with with their fundraising capacity, has made Battleground key to #TeamWendy's 2014 victory. If the tweets from organizers and supporters alike are any indication, the #WendySummit was a great success – and these volunteers are ready to get their feet on the ground and get Davis in the governor's seat.

More from #WendySummit below the jump.Volunteers from across the state traveled – some up to eight hours – to get to Austin for the #WendySummit.

The event aimed to gather the most committed volunteers with Battleground Texas in order to do what Battleground must do best: create effective and efficient ground-game strategy to turn out voters across the state. The #WendySummit also included sessions on specific skills and topics, such as engaging women voters and using data effectively.

In the end, the clear uniting theme for all those attending was the excitement around Davis' candidacy for governor. The momentum that started around Davis last summer – and that exploded with her announcement that she would pursue statewide office – has not slowed, and with these volunteers on the ground, it shows no sign of stopping.


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