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Kesha Rogers is Still Not a Democrat

by: Katie Singh

Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 00:00 PM CDT

Ever since Lyndon LaRouche-supporter Kesha Rogers (who has advocated for President Obama's impeachment) received just enough votes to make it to the Democratic Senate run-off, the Texas Democratic Party has been working hard to inform Texans that she is not a true Democrat.

In a statement, Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa publicly spoke out against Rogers, calling her candidacy "an insult to our Party, our President, our state, our Democratic values, and to all the work you are doing to move our state forward." These strong words prompted the Austin American-Statesman's Politifact to weigh in on Rogers' candidacy. And despite all the evidence to the contrary, Politifact made the strange decision to rule that Rogers was a Democrat.

In its ruling, Politifact cited the fact that Rogers has voted in past Democratic primaries, and that she's chosen to call herself a Democrat when she has previously run for office.

In the most technical sense, these alone might suggest she's a Democrat. Rogers certainly has the right ot identify herself as she wishes. But there is more to being a Democrat than primary history. One must also be ideologically consistent with the Democratic Party platform, and this is something Rogers clearly is not.

By focusing only on the technicalities,  Politifact bizarrely fails to take into consideration that someone who proudly campaigns with photos of President Barack Obama sporting a Hitler mustache is absolutely not a Democrat.

Despite what Politifact says, Kesha Rogers is still a LaRouche supporter who is not a Democrat, and Texas Democrats should not lend her their support.

Read more about Kesha Rogers after the jump.

Burnt Orange Report has previously reported on Rogers' anti-Democratic views. While running for Congress in CD-22 in 2012, she released a campaign video that called for President Obama's impeachment and execution. She's still calling for the President's impeachment.

In addition, Rogers has compared the Affordable Care Act to Nazi eugenics policies. The Affordable Care Act has helped insure millions of Americans, and is a cornerstone of the Democratic Party platform. To compare it to Nazi policies is not just inconsistent with the Democratic Party, it is an insult to Democrats.

Politifact also cited Rogers' choice to claim she's aligned with the views of historically important Democrats like John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt. If identifying with JFK and FDR on one hand makes one a Democrat, identifying with Lyndon LaRouche, founder of a fringe political movement filled with hateful rhetoric that some have compared to a cult, on the other hand negates it.

Kesha Rogers has chosen to call herself a Democrat, which is her right. But this is not enough to make her a Democrat. Comparing the President to a Nazi and calling for his impeachment isn't consistent with being a Democrat. Disagreeing with foundational policies in the Democratic Party platform even further separates her from being a Democrat.

Politifact's ruling relies on Kesha Rogers choice to call herself a "LaRouche Democrat" to say it's true that she's a Democrat. It glosses over the rest by saying Rogers is a Democrat "despite favoring Obama's impeachment and holding other party-questioned moves." Her views have not just been questioned by the party, however. She has been very publicly repudiated by the Texas Democratic Party. The Texas Democratic Party has even passed a resolution that LaRouche supporters cannot receive Democratic credentials from the party.

The logical conclusion is that someone who espouses views fundamentally opposed to the Democratic party platform and has been publicly rejected by the Democratic party is not a Democrat, no matter how they choose to identify themselves. When voting in the May run-off election all dedicated Texas Democrats should remember--Kesha Rogers is still not a Democrat.

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Jim Crow all over again? (0.00 / 0)
I really don't see any difference between you folks at Burnt Orange, and the southern Democratic functionaries who excluded African Americans from participation in Democratic primary elections during the Jim Crow era.

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