Democratic Comptroller Candidate Mike Collier Calls Glenn Hegar's Tax Proposals “Wrong and Dumb”

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Earlier this week the Democratic Candidate For Comptroller Mike Collier started a petition from his website asking people to stand against a “massive new sales tax” for Texas consumers.

Citing a video of Hegar explaining that he “never liked the property tax,” Hegar introduced an alternative tax to replace all property tax in the state of Texas, a “consumption based tax” or in other words a sales tax.

Texas currently has one of the higher sales tax rates in the nation, at 8.25 percent, but eliminating property taxes in Texas would mean that sales taxes would have to at least double if not triple, making Texas have the highest sales tax in the country, and ultimately hurting Texas consumers, Texas businesses, and Texas families.

Collier commented on this new proposal of Hegar's and said, “That's not just wrong; it's dumb.”

Click below the jump to see the video of Hegar support this giant tax hike for all Texans.Here is Hegar talking about how he doesn't like the property tax, and offers a “consumption-type tax, a sales tax” to replace the lost revenue.

Mike Collier commented noting:

“It's one thing to trot out applause lines at Tea Party rallies. It's quite another to have the expertise required to offer reliable advice on the state's finances, and putting all our eggs in the sales tax basket would not just raise taxes on most Texans but put our schools at unnecessary risk.”

Collier later challenged Hegar to debate him “at a Tea Party meeting of (Hegar's) choice.”

The elimination of local property taxes to fund Texas schools will not only put the burden on the poorest Texans, and those Texans on fixed incomes, but it would also do away with local control of tax dollars if local property taxes are eliminated.

Collier commented on this stating:

“Worst of all, local school districts, counties, municipalities and the other 3,500+ political subdivisions would have to give up control and bow to some centralized, 'we know how much money you need' bureaucracy. I suppose Senator Hegar is contemplating a Texas Internal Revenue service which I strenuously oppose.”

Clearly, Collier is correct. Texas needs property tax reform, but what that really boils down to is school finance reform, which has not happened in the decades of Republican control of all aspects of government in the State of Texas. If Republicans really cared about lowering your property taxes, they would have created an equitable system in the first place to fund Texas schools. Instead they use campaign rhetoric to make promises they have had decades to fulfill.  


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