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Bad for Beaver Business: Dan Patrick Stirs Up Controversy With False Claim of Buc-ee's Endorsement

by: Katherine Haenschen

Sat Mar 15, 2014 at 10:45 AM CDT

Dan Patrick: bad for beaver business.
One of the more surprising stories in Texas politics this week centered on the iconic convenience store chain Buc-ee's and their purported endorsement of Republican Dan Patrick in the Republican primary run-off for Lieutenant Governor.

Patrick received the endorsement of the store's owners, and proclaimed that such a nod translated to the support of the entire chain on his Facebook page.

Shortly after the announcement, Democrats and progressives began pledging to boycott Buc-ee's and their famously clean bathrooms, rather than support a business that would endorse the extremist Patrick for the state's most powerful job. Leading the charge was San Antonio-area Congressman Joaquin Castro.

Shortly thereafter, Buc-ee's began backpedaling on their endorsement.

Read more below the jump.

Congressman Castro tweeted his disapproval of Buc-ee's endorsement:

Castro later released a statement quoted in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram stating his disappointment that Buc-ee's would endorse a candidate "who has built his career around dividing Texans and bashing immigrants."

Patrick isn't just bad on immigration -- he has led the charge against women's health in the Legislature for multiple sessions, and has also deliberately misled right-wing extremists and conservatives to oppose basic curriculum plans from the state, which are vital to under-funded, low-income, and small school districts.

Buc-ee's -- whose owners are Republicans who previously contributed $10,000 to Jerry Patterson in the first round of the Lite Gov contest -- has backed off from the claim that the endorsement of the owners translates into support from the entire chain.

Per the Star-Telegram:

The Buc-ee's company lawyer, Jeff Nadalo, returned a call Tuesday to explain that Aplin and Wasek were endorsing Patrick personally, not speaking for the supersized convenience stores honored for "America's Best Restrooms."

"We believe Beaver Nuggets [the company's trademark snack] and beef jerky taste good regardless of political affiliation," Nadalo said, adding that the company's employees reflect all viewpoints and backgrounds.

"Buc-ee's is not supporting any candidate," he said.

Ed Note: This post was updated to correctly identify the Castro brother who sent the tweet criticizing Buc-ee's.

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Wrong Castro? (0.00 / 0)
It appears that you are confusing Mayor Juli├ín Castro with Congressman Joaquin Castro.  Mayor Castro is scheduled to debate Dan Patrick.  The tweet shown above is from Congressman Castro.

Eep, thanks! Fixed! (0.00 / 0)
This shows you the danger of blogging before coffee.

I'm not a player, I just Tweet a lot: @KathTX

[ Parent ]
I think it may just (0.00 / 0)
be a miss understanding. I believe it was just Buc-ee (the Beaver) and his owners endorsing Dan Patrick not the entire company. I personally think Buc-ee is a Libertarian but really doesn't matter as Beavers cannot vote.  Check that . . . Libertarian and Republican Beavers cannot vote. I believe in Chicago we have had dogs vote as Democrats so it may be possible for a D Beaver to cast a vote. I believe it will be more difficult for Beavers to vote with the new picture ID requirements. I wonder if Buc-ee's owners would consider not building Buc-ee's stations in San Antonio due to the brother of the Mayor and his personal boycott of Buc-ee's. I am glad the Congressman will not be gassing up at Buc-ee's.  Although they have clean restrooms their gas prices are high and we are paying for his gas. Hey why does he not drive an electric vehicle?  

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