“Drop Out Dew” Campaign Started By Matt Mackowiak With A Connection To Dan Patrick

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Republican Consultant and founder of Potomac Strategy Group, LLC, Matt Mackowiak has launched an online campaign called “Drop Out Dew” whose mission is to “Unite Texas Republicans behind Dan Patrick as our next Lt. Gov.” According to campaign finance reports Mackowiak is not getting paid by Dan Patrick's campaign, but according to the Texas Tribune elected official directory his wife is a Legislative Aide for Senator Patrick.

When candidates call for their opponents to drop out it's usually elicits an audible yawn from journalists and voters, so it is interesting that no real attempt was made to mask the identity of the creator or the obvious connection. The registrar data for “Drop Out Dew” from Godaddy says the domain was purchased on March 10th, 2014 by “Matthew Mackowiak.” The website directs traffic back to the Facebook Page that was created March 9th and the contact email listed is: matt@potomacstrategygroup.com.  

See GoDaddy documentation and links below the jump…The “About” section of the Facebook page lays out a simple argument for Dewhurst to drop out of the race — He has more money than he does support:

David Dewhurst spent $25 million in 2012.

He's spent $2.6 million in 2013-2014.

He got 28%.

It's time to Drop Out.

The content of the page carries those two main themes — Dewhurst has a lot of Money, and he should drop out. One in particular criticizes Dewhurst for owing money to vendors says, “Millionaire David Dewhurst owes over $1 million to vendors from the 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. But he found at least $2.5 million for his disastrous Lt. Gov. re-election campaign.”

There is good reason why the Patrick campaign wouldn't be making that argument directly. Part of the campaign against him has centered around his own bankruptcy, and one article published last month in the San Antonio Express-News also pointed out that he had his own unpaid vendor problem as well.

“He filed for bankruptcy in 1986. Earlier this year, the Dallas Morning News reported that Patrick had $800,000 in debt, including $384,000 in unpaid rent to Houston developer Victor Denenburg. “He never offered to repay any of it,” Denenburg told the paper. “It's pretty pitiful.”

The “Drop Out Dew” effort was launched just days after a Texas Tribune story about a high-powered lobbyist who said candidates including Dewhurst would soon be getting calls to drop out because only the, “hardcore of the hardcore will vote” in the runoff and that the race for Lt. Governor was over before it started. When asked about the prediction one spokesperson for a runoff candidate said that the lobbyist, who also predicted their candidate would lose round one, would be proved “wrong once again.”

If you heard Dewhurst's speech on election night, you know he doesn't plan on going anywhere, and I expect that will be backed up with serious money. Although you never know, Mackowiak did get paid this cycle by Harvey Hilderbran, who earlier this month dropped out of the race for Texas Comptroller.

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