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Unknown and Comedian Advance to Runoff for Democratic Nomination of Texas Agriculture Commissioner

by: Joseph Vogas

Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 06:00 PM CST

This is a comedian, not a serious candidate for public office
In the case of the Democratic runoff for the nomination of US Senate, there is a clear option for who Texas Democrats should support in May. However, In the race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, the only clearly qualified and serious candidate Hugh Fitzsimons, who was endorsed by Burnt Orange Report, finished in third place.

Advancing to the May runoff is Jim Hogan and comedian Kinky Friedman.

Hogan, who was completely unknown until last night, finished in first place with 38.8% of the vote. Hogan spent only $5,000 and participated in no candidate forums. Since last night, it has been learned that Hogan is a cattle rancher from Cleburne. Hogan's campaign can be summed up with this statement from the Texas Tribune:

Hogan led the vote totals, despite spending less than $5,000 on his campaign. Hogan said he did not spend money during the campaign because "it'd be silly to raise money." He added that there was no need for a campaign website, which he doesn't have, because "somebody's going to Google you anyway."

Also in the runoff is Kinky Friedman. Friedman has been running on a platform mainly focused on the legalization of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana is not within the power of the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, but rather the state legislature with approval from the Governor. Friedman's website also gives some thin position statements regarding his plans for water use in Texas. Friedman got 37.74% of the vote.

Since last night, a tumblr has been created titled "Who is Jim Hogan" which is full of "Hogan Facts." Learn some "Hogan Facts" and read a statement from the Friedman campaign attacking the Texas Democratic Party after the jump

Friedman's campaign manager Rania Batrice issued a statement attacking the Texas Democratic Party. It read:

"State Parties do not and should not endorse ANY candidates during the Primary, and you know that. I know that you are aware of the line you crossed because you had one of your spokesmen try to tap dance around the fact that you are taking part in behavior unbecoming of a party chairman. I will not stand by quietly as the party that I know and love is appropriated by people who have forgotten what Democrats stand for.

"Whether or not you like him, I chose to manage Kinky Friedman's campaign for Agriculture Commissioner because he is not a "more of the same" candidate, and the people of Texas deserve the chance to make that decision for themselves. Even if you had endorsed Kinky, your actions would still be 100% wrong. Your job is NOT to endorse candidates during the Primary, and whoever advised you that anything to the contrary could be passed off as appropriate should be relieved of his or her duties immediately."

Meanwhile, in learning about Jim Hogan, "Hogan Facts" tells us the following:
Jim Hogan Sounds Like a Nice Guy

"Most people don't know who anyone is. When they go in there, they look at three names. They either don't vote at all - now, this is the primary - or they say 'eenie, meenie, miney, mo,' or they look at a name. They see Kinky Friedman and think, 'That looks familiar...Naw. Asa? Naw. Jim Hogan? I've heard of Hogan! Yeah, I think I'll vote for him! He sounds like a nice guy!'"

Jim Hogan has been Studying for Six Years

"I have been studying this office for six years" in preparation for running for ag commissioner, Hogan said. "You've got to be prepared if you're going to do a job. You've got to know what you're talking about."

Jim Hogan also has some milk goats and some horses

Hogan, 63, said he was born in Fort Worth to Ben and Elsie Hogan, and spent his early school years in Lake Worth before graduating from Mansfield High School in 1969. He said his father was a cattle trader and that both of his brothers went into the dairy business, as did he, after school.
Hogan started his own dairy farm in 1973, operating it successfully until 2005 when he switched to a cow-and-calf operation. Now, he said, on his farm on County Road 423, he has mostly Angus cow-and-calf pairs, with some Holstein heifers. He also has some milk goats and some horses, he said.
Hogan said his wife, Tracy, died of cancer in August 2010. He has two daughters: Lydia is studying agricultural at Texas A&M-Commerce and Kendall, who has an associate's degree, is working in Cleburne schools as a substitute teacher while she decides what further degree she wants to pursue.

Jim Hogan is not Going to Make any Big Promises

"I am not going to make any big promises and I am not going to tell you a bunch of good stuff about myself. Because it's you aren't what you think you are. You are what others think you are. I am just saying I am on the ballot, and I am giving you a choice." 

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Do not republish without express written permission.

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