Dallas County Democratic Party Weekly Roundup: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Primary Election Results

For statewide races and for districts which cross county lines, see the Secretary of State's site at this page. (Click on either party to see their results.)

For local races, including County Chair and Precinct Chair contests, see the Dallas County Election Department's site at this page. (Again, click on either party.)

These totals are not final yet, because Congress allowed overseas military ballots to still get in and be counted after the election day, but no more than one or two are close enough that those might change the results.

The Year Of The Women

Leading our statewide ticket this year are two women State Senators, Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte. This is the first time two women have led the ticket in Texas, and almost the first in the country. Here in Dallas County, a majority of the early votes in person in the Democratic Primary were by women. Those votes were about half of the total cast. Women candidates seem to have won almost every contest with male candidates.

Women incumbents challenged by males won outright (County Chair Darlene Ewing, Judge Tracy Holmes, Judge Andrea Plumlee, JP Valencia Nash) or made it to a runoff in a multi-candidate race (Judge Etta Mullin will face another woman, JP Katy Hubener will face a man but a second woman in that race was third). In open seats with no incumbent, women won (Jennifer Bennett for Judge 265th, Mary Brown for 301st), or made it to the runoff. For District Clerk two women are in the runoff, but of the six candidates there the only male was dead last. For County Treasurer, two women are in the runoff, and the two men in that race came in last. For JP 5 Place 1 the only two women are in the runoff, beating the three men.

Male incumbents challenged by men both won (like Judges Rob Canas and Rick Magnis) and lost (like Judge Larry Mitchell), but male incumbents challenged by women lost (Judges Carlos Cortez, Marty Lowy, Andy Chatham, William Mazur, Chris Wilmoth, Michael Miller) or are in a runoff with a woman (JP Norris 'Stretch' Rideaux).


In Texas candidates must get a majority of the votes in the primary or the top two have to be in a runoff. This year that will be on May 27. Barring changes due to recounts or to those outstanding overseas ballots, these will be the runoffs we will see in Dallas County:

US Senator: David M. Alameel and Kesha Rogers

Commissioner of Agriculture: Jim Hogan and Richard “Kinky” Friedman

State Board of Education, Dist 13: Erika Beltran and Andrea Hilburn

State Representative, Dist 105: Susan Motley and Terry Meza

Judge, Co Criminal Court No. 5: Lisa Green and Etta J. Mullin

District Clerk: Tarsha Hardy and Felicia Pitre

County Treasurer: Pauline Medrano and Bennie Elnora Brown

JP, Pct No. 4, Pl 1: Norris 'Stretch' Rideaux and Mary Abeyta

JP, Pct No. 4, Pl 2: Katy Hubener and Fred Jackson

JP, Pct No. 5, Pl 1: Sara Martinez and Melissa J. Bellan

Constable, Pct No. 5: Beth Villarreal and Michael Orozco

You can find links to the websites and the contact information for these candidates at our primary candidate filings page.

Be Aware

One candidate in the runoff for US Senator is Kesha Rogers, a follower of convicted felon Lyndon LaRouche. Our Texas Democratic Party State Chair Gilberto Hinojosa has sent out this notice:

“Kesha Rogers is one of the candidates on the ballot for U.S. Senator in the Democratic primary — but do not be fooled. Kesha Rogers is not a Democrat.

Ms. Rogers is part of the “LaRouche Movement,” which has a history of violent rhetoric. The focus of her campaign is impeaching President Obama. Rogers has even paraded around Texas with a poster of the President with a Hitler mustache.

Rogers believes that the U.S. economy is secretly controlled by London financial institutions and she has advocated for colonizing Mars.  That's not what real Democrats stand for.

The Texas Democratic Party does not support the candidacy of Kesha Rogers or anyone that aligns themselves with the LaRouche Movement. Our State Democratic Executive Committee even issued a resolution against her campaign. Do not vote for Kesha Rogers in the primary. Rogers' candidacy is a insult to our Party, our President, our state, our Democratic values, and to all the work you are doing to move our state forward. Do not vote for Kesha Rogers.

All my best –Gilberto Hinojosa”

Republican opponents?

To see which of our candidates will face Republican opposition in November, see the listing for candidates of both parties at the Secretary of State's website at this page.

Choose Dallas County on the drop-down menu. The order is sometimes strange and unlike what will really be on our ballots, and it does not identify incumbents or list Libertarian or Green candidates, but it does show how few Republicans dared challenge our Democratic Judges in Dallas County.


The Democratic Party does not endorse opposed candidates in the primary, but some Democratic clubs and organizations and officials do, as well as various other groups. Just for fun, Democratic State Committee member James White has compiled an unofficial list of those endorsements he's heard of, as a GoogleDoc at this page.  

Be aware: several groups don't endorse, or still haven't endorsed yet, or let James know about them, and very often candidates win despite having few or no endorsements. Voters make up their own minds, and rightly so.  Study the candidates and issues and use your own judgment.  Let's pick the best ones so that on March 5 — or May 28 in runoffs — we can all come together and work for the whole Democratic ticket this fall.

Precinct Conventions?

There were no Precinct Conventions on the evening of the March 4 primary. Instead, those who voted in this year's Democratic primary can attend their State Senate District Convention on Saturday, March 22, and hold precinct caucuses there. Information about those is posted on the party website and will be listed again in the Roundup before those Conventions.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

(For the latest updates on local events, and links to more info about these, check out the DallasDemocrats on Facebook and Twitter, and the DCDP website Calendar. To add an event or make a change or correction, contact the party office or email the editor: BillHowellDCDP AT Yahoo.com.)

Saturday, March 8:

Mexican American Democrats of Texas – Dallas CAUSA Chapter Guests are welcome but must RSVP by calling Sylvana Alonzo 972-900-0882. (11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Los Lupes Restaurant, 1400 N. Riverfront, Dallas, 75207)

International Women's Day Celebration with Becky Moeller, President of Texas AFL-CIO. The Texas and Dallas AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice, and the Women's Alliance for Leadership invite you. This event is free and open to everyone, but it requires registration at http://bit.do/gHbF. About the importance of women taking action, organizing, and leading to build a better Texas for all. Other speakers include community organizer Denechia Powell, drama professor Vanessa Mercado Taylor, and women's rights activist Sarah Slamen! A musical performance will be given by the wonderful women's vocal ensemble MosaicSong. We will be offering tables for organizations to inform about their work. Please reserve a table for only $30 by February 28th, 2014 by going to http://bit.do/gHbF. If you have any questions,please contact Rosemarie Rieger (Jobs with Justice) at 214-632-5695 or jobswithjusticetexas AT gmail.com.  (1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, 1408 N. Washington Ave, Dallas)

Monday, March 10:

Metrocrest Democrats Our speaker will be SMU Political Science Professor, Cal Jillson, speaking on “Purple Texas: Demographic Change and the Future of Partisan Competition in Texas.” (6:15 pm to 8:00 pm, NewNew Buffet, 3822 Belt Line Rd, Addison 75001)

Thursday, March 13:

Fundraiser for George Clayton Candidate for State Representative Dist. 102. Appetizers and a cash bar. Please RSVP by going to www.clayton4HD102.org, or email to info AT clayton4HD102.org by March 10th. (5 – 7 pm, The Lombardo Room, Maggianno's Little Italy, Northpark Center, Dallas)

Saturday, March 22:

Democratic Party Senatorial District Conventions With Precinct Caucuses (In each State Senate district in Dallas County; Locations pending and will be posted and announced later)

Monday, May 19 through Friday, May 23:

Early Voting for the 2014 Democratic Primary Runoff Hours and locations will be posted later at http://www.dallascountyvotes.org/

Tuesday, May 27:

2014 Democratic Primary Runoff (7 AM – 7 PM, local precinct polling places)

Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28:

Texas Democratic Party State Convention

Dallas Convention Center. Sign up for more information at this page.

Tuesday, November 4:

General Election for 2014. (Local polling places.)


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