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Rape Culture Van Still Rolling: Deep Ellum Brewery Backtracks on Promise to Cover Up Sexist Slogan

by: Genevieve Cato

Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 09:00 AM CST

In October, Dallas-based Deep Ellum Brewery rolled out their new hot pink promotional van for their blonde ale, Dallas Blonde. The van attracted quite a bit of attention and its fair share of criticism for the slogan, "Goes Down Easy," emblazoned in yellow on either side. After facing accusations of sexism and contributing to rape culture, Deep Ellum owner Scott Reardon issued an apology of sorts and promised to cover up the slogan on his new vans in response to customers' concerns.

Unsurprisingly, Deep Ellum has yet to follow through on this promise. A Dallas resident recently saw the van in his community and snapped a picture of the Dallas Blonde van in all of its sexist glory.

More on sexism in the beer industry and a list of delicious blonde ales minus the misogyny below the jump.

Deep Ellum isn't the only brewery to use sexism to sell beer. The objectification and sexualization of women in advertising is a tired, old trick that should have no place in modern marketing - much less in an industry that relies so heavily on the production of quality products. Clearly, Reardon and others at the brewery were not quite convinced that the outcry over their "Goes Down Easy" slogan was enough to merit any real action or change on their part.

Luckily for critical beer consumers, there are plenty of other (better) blonde ales for you to enjoy this spring that don't require you to sacrifice your morals to enjoy a smooth, delicious beer. Here are just a few to get you started:

If you're in the market for a Houston-brewed blonde, give 8th Wonder Brewery's Intellectuale a try. This blonde ale has many of the characteristics of a wheat beer and is perfect for beating the Texas heat.

In Austin you have one of the gold standards of Texas blondes: Real Ale's Fireman's #4. Easy to drink and reliably crisp, Fireman's #4 is available on most taps in the city and easy to grab in a bottle if you're looking for something to have around the house. It pairs well with just about anything, including such spring time activities as porch sitting and cloud watching.

Relative newcomers Revolver Brewing hail out of Granbury, Texas, but they recently expanded distribution outside of the Dallas area. Now beer drinkers across this great state can sample their blonde ale, High Brass.

New Belgium Brewery is a great option for the conscious beer consumer looking to combat sexism in the industry. Though it isn't produced in Texas, the large number of women in leadership positions throughout the company make it well worth supporting. Spring Blonde should be on the list of any beer drinker who wants a little gender equity with their brew.

Like the state itself, the Texas craft beer industry has plenty of amazing beers to balance out the good old boys' sexist stronghold on breweries like Deep Ellum. Any craft beer drinker should be able to find a blonde ale they can love without having to put up with owners like Reardon, who cannot come up with a description of smooth beer without an offensive innuendo. Perhaps one day Deep Ellum will make good on their promise to honor their customers' concerns, but until then other breweries can enjoy the patronage of progressive beer drinkers across the state. Cheers!  

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Thanks! I've been looking for a good way to enjoy my alcohol without sacrificing my morals

I'm looking for a blonde (0.00 / 0)
ale. Doesn't have to have a sexy label or be witty. In fact can't stand a beer smarter that me. Just a simple blond with  a nice personality would be preferable. Revolver seems to be using a phallic symbol on its glass as well as promoting firearms. Not sure about the innuendo of Fireman's . . .  #4 what?

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