Friday Wrap: A Father-Son Tribcast Intro, Wall Street Secret Societies, and More…

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to close some tabs and touch on the issues of the week.

This week, we got a hot tip that Stop Tony Meow, a browser extension intended to replace all pictures of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott with pictures of cats, also works for Greg Abbott. Try it, it might improve your internet browsing experience.

Below the jump, read about contraception in America's zoos, the fight that the chairman of the Orange County Republican Party got into, and more…

Contraception and birth control in America's zoos is working. The problem is, it is working too well. The St. Louis Zoo is leading research into the use of contraception in animals, mainly lions, where it has been found several animals inoculated with the drug Suprelorin remain unable to reproduce years after the drug supposedly wore off.

-Joseph Vogas


I have listened to almost every single Tribcast since the Texas Tribune started the weekly news round up, so I was extra excited to hear this week's featuring my Father and I in what is believed to be the first father-son duo introduction.

-Joe Deshotel


Journalist Kevin Roose snuck into a meeting of a Wall Street secret society and lived to tell the tale. His fascinating piece for New York Magazine provides a look into what the world's most powerful and well-known CEOs are like behind closed doors. Not only is there rampant sexism and homophobia, the Wall Street one-percent apparently see the financial crisis they caused as one big fun joke. (As evidenced by the investment banking CEO who sang about the crisis while wearing a Confederate flag and the hedge fund managers who performed in drag.)

-Katie Singh


And the gold medal in fierceness goes to….

-Katherine Haenschen


No Mike Tyson is not running to be Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, but this quote from one candidate after a fight with a poll worker, sure sounds like him.

“So, I kicked the snot out of him…I bloodied his nose and if I could have bit his ear off, I would have.”

-Joe Deshotel


The Republican Party should just rename itself “The Waffle House Caucus.” For many reasons.

-Katherine Haenschen


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