Hispanic Texas Republican Leaders Disgusted By Texas Republicans

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Massey Villareal is a Houston businessperson who was recently chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. But he's fed up with his party's jingoism, and he's speaking out.

“I have made the Kool-Aid for many years for other Hispanics to come into the party – I made the Kool-Aid and people drank it,” Villarreal told the Houston Chronicle. “And I refuse to make that kind of Kool-Aid anymore. Not for this party. Not for these leaders.”

This cycle's lieutenant governor primary has been a tipping point of sorts. All four candidates stood up late last month at a debate and could barely contain their nativism. Dan Patrick was the loudest-mouthed of them, and his campaign is largely centered around warning of “alien” “invasions” of Texas. Villareal says Hispanic Republicans have taken note of Patrick's views, which have become representative of Republicans' rejection of Hispanic people.

“I don't know of one Hispanic Republican who isn't appalled by Dan Patrick,” he said. “If Dan Patrick wins, he will be the Pete Wilson of Texas…When Dan Patrick talks about illegals, he's talking about my father”

More outrage from Texas Hispanic Republicans below the jump.Co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and state GOP executive committee member George Antuna says “we have to stand up” to the Republican Party he has worked in for decades. Anti-Hispanic Republican has only “short-term gain” and “long-term negative ramifications” for the party.

Texas Chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly Marisa Rummell says the GOP has been “hijacked” and worries that Patrick's radio show will give him the reach to win the primary.

Patrick may be the most rabid example, but it's clear Hispanic Republicans can't ignore the vitriol coming from every angle. None of them support even a guest worker program for undocumented immigrants in Texas, and all want to revoke in-state tuition for students in those families. And this is just the GOP Lt. Gov. primary — in the governor's race, Greg Abbott just called the Rio Grande Valley a third-world country. It's grim out there for Hispanic Republicans, and it's good to hear them speaking up.


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