What's on The Ballot?: 2014 Republican Primary Referendums

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The 2014 primary election is fast approaching. Early voting will begin on February 18, and Election Day is March 4. In addition to selecting which candidates will appear on the November general election ballot, the primary is also time for members of each party help shape this year's party platform.

Both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots will have several referendums at the bottom asking voters to weigh in on which issues should guide the 2014 party platform. People vote on whether they are for or against each of the non-binding issue referendums at the bottom of their primary ballot.

Issue referendums provide an important look at each party's priorities. These are the issues that will guide each party platform, and they provide insight into what voters think are important. The six referendums on the GOP primary ballot are nothing new–they reflect the increasingly conservative policy positions the Texas Republican Party has been taking of late. Issues on the ballot include support for public prayer, requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, and a reiteration of the party's desire to repeal all of the Affordable Care Act.

Republican referendums:


    Texans should be free to express their religious beliefs, including prayer, in public places.


    Texas should support Second Amendment liberties by expanding locations where concealed handgun license-holders may legally carry.


    Texas should abolish the state franchise tax, also known as the margins tax, to encourage business growth.


    Texas recipients of taxpayer-funded public assistance should be subject to random drug testing as a condition of receiving benefits.


    All elected officials and their staff should be subject to the same laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances as their constituents


    The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” should be repealed.

You can see how the referendums will look on a sample Travis County ballot here.


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