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Republican Candidate Tells Steve Stockman To Quit Senate Race

by: Ben Sherman

Wed Feb 05, 2014 at 10:00 AM CST

Fellow GOP Senate primary candidate Ken Cope has a bone to pick with Steve Stockman. In perhaps the only attention-getting move Cope's campaign has made, the Midlothian aerospace consultant wrote an open letter to Stockman about his recent actions and how they hurt Republicans in the race.

"The unserious antics you have engaged in since entering the Senate race have done damage to the Republican brand. There are a number of serious candidates opposing Senator Cornyn. But the way you have conducted your campaign has caused the news media and other observers to view all of the challenging candidates negatively and has had the effect of insulating Mr. Cornyn from the legitimate criticisms we are raising against him," Cope writes.

"There is a real chance that one of the serious candidates can successfully unseat Mr. Cornyn in the primary. But as long as you continue in the race, your antics and embarrassing actions will steal the limelight from the serious candidates and enable Mr. Cornyn to avoid facing the valid arguments that we are raising against his re-election."

More below the jump.

Cope's gained no traction in this race and is unquestionably blaming Stockman for it in an effort to...gain traction. But there's certainly lots to gripe with, though Cope decides not to name them for some reason.

"Last month, the congressman went missing without explanation for more than 10 days. Aides refused to say where he was or what he was doing. He missed 17 House votes. When he reemerged, he taunted the news media for failing to know that he'd been on an unpublicized congressional delegation trip to Egypt, Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom," the DMN's Todd Gillman explains.

Good start. He also skipped out on two more votes on Monday to attend a Bitcoin event in New York City. He walked out of the State of the Union and threatened Articles of Impeachment against President Obama. He's held one campaign-related event since announcing, and it was just a tea party meeting.

There's exactly one month left in this campaign, and Stockman may be doing Cornyn the greatest favor yet -- and it's not because he's blocking other challengers from having a fair go. It's because Stockman is so ludicrous, seemingly crazed, and distracting, that Cornyn is left patiently awaiting a contest-less nomination for another term. A real tea party challenge against him might have had a chance. A crazy congressman constantly making silly news like Stockman and a bunch of nobodies like Cope stand no chance.

The good news? This is likely the last month Stockman will ever run for office in Texas.

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