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Greg Abbott-Approved Racist Blog Urban Grounds Has Been Taken Down

by: Ben Sherman

Fri Jan 31, 2014 at 02:00 PM CST

Urban Grounds, where blogger Robbie Cooper went on hideous, racist tirades against minorities, has been taken down entirely. In September, Burnt Orange Report revealed Cooper's flinging racial epithets at African Americans, threatening of violence against D.C. politicians he doesn't like, and the hideous remarks his readers added to the awful posts they read. The same report also unveiled the cozy link between Greg Abbott and Robbie Cooper.  

On his Twitter account, Abbott has even publicly praised Cooper's blog:

Robbie Cooper, Urban Grounds Founder and Sole Writer

Yeah, Greg Abbott is a big fan. That link is to an exclusive interview Abbott gave Cooper, who then sung the now-candidate's praises. Rick Perry also takes kindly to this man, and once took Cooper shooting. It was close Rick Perry (and Greg Abbott) aide Dave Carney who retweeted Cooper's post calling Wendy Davis "too stupid to be governor". David Dewhurst invited and welcomed Cooper to dinner, after the BOR story broke exposing Cooper's racist blog. Republican Attorney General Candidate Ken Paxton took Cooper to a conservative bloggers' lunch, also after the blog broke.

So, what broke the camel's back? If you've got tips on what happened, please send them to burntorangereport@gmail.com. Your identity will be kept a secret. More below the jump.


Hmm. Cooper has taken down his entire archive -- all of his work over more than five years of blogging. Why would Cooper remove all of the posts he defended vociferously despite mounting recent criticism? It seems exceedingly unlikely that Cooper's views have shifted, as a cursory look at his Twitter feed shows. Here's this call for bloody revolution from Wednesday of this week:

First of all, that un-American threat warrants investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Second, what changed if not Cooper's views? Maybe Greg Abbott didn't think pairing his last two weeks of blasting Wendy Davis for...being a hard-working single mom with thousands of racist blog posts he's stamped his approval to. Even when the story broke, Abbott didn't denounce his pal Cooper. Maybe other Republicans have been pressuring Cooper and he finally gave in. Maybe he moved it to the Deep Web where only violent racists can access his site.

We want your tips about what happened. Please email burntorangereport@gmail.com if you know anything. Your identity will be kept a secret.

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Do not republish without express written permission.

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Chris Elam also did this (0.00 / 0)
After he went to work for the RPT, he put his "Safety for Dummies" blog behind a subscription login.  You may know Elam currently as the campaign manager for Jerry Patterson.  We had some really fun exchanges back in the day (2006-ish).

Robbie Cooper is just wiping his nose -- and Greg Abbott's backside -- as they get ready for whatever personal smear they are plotting next.  I'm guessing they have some screenshots of some of my posts that ridicule the Candidate on Wheels (the candidate, to be clear, and not the wheels).

If they're going to be portraying the AG as some kind of a victim, then they don't want all of that "Retard Barbie is too stupid to be governor" stuff thrown back at them.

They don't understand web archives or Google caches, I guess.

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