Wendy Davis Focuses On Education While Conservatives Focus on Name Calling

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Earlier this month Wendy Davis unveiled the second part of her comprehensive education plan for Texas.

So while Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives are shamelessly shaming her for nothing, (you mean she was only separated as a teen mom and not divorced!? And her second husband helped pay for her education while they were still married! What!? She's clearly not struggled at all in her life! Not at all!) Wendy Davis is busy telling voters how she can help fix the dire education situation in Texas.

“Every Texan who continues their education beyond high school makes every Texas family stronger and the Texas economy stronger,” said Senator Davis.

Wendy Davis released Part I of her education proposal earlier in the month, and with this second part it is clear that Wendy Davis really does have the most thorough education plan by any candidate in years.

Click below the jump to read more about Wendy Davis's education plan.Part II of Wendy Davis's Education Plan contains four basic proposals:

1. Double the number of Early College High School Campuses statewide, ensuring that students throughout Texas have access to academically rigorous environments and can earn college credit as early as 9th grade.

2. Double the number of hours of college credit Texas high school students earn each year to ensure that Texas students are not just college ready, but college-proven.

3. Create a grant program under the Texas Education Agency to offset costs to students so that cost is not a barrier to accessing early college options.

4. Encourage school districts to develop collaborative partnerships with local institutions of higher learning to create college-proven students.

Meanwhile Greg Abbott's campaign remains purposely vague and strangely silent on the issue of public and higher education. In fact on Greg Abbott's campaign website there is absolutely no mention of education whatsoever.

So while Wendy Davis has the most detailed plan for education in Texas, Greg Abbott doesn't think it is worth his time to mention the issue, except when he is defending the education cuts in court. In fact Wendy Davis's first filibuster attempted to stop $5.4 billion dollars in public education cuts in 2011 and Greg Abbott has defended these education cuts despite the fact that a judge has found them to be unconstitutional.

These common sense education proposals are just that, simple, easy to implement, and emphasize local control. They are not massive reforms, they are simple policy solutions that anyone who is interested in making education a priority can support. If Republicans care so much about education, criticizing public schools for its flaws while attacking Democrats for “throwing money at the problem,” their solutions are notably absent in any discussion.

Republicans have been in control of Texas longer than ten years and our schools have only gone from bad to worse. The bottom line is Republicans don't know how to fix education, so they don't do it. They pass the buck off to county governments and call it local control. They put the burden on the students and call it school choice. It's time for solutions not slander, and look no further than Wendy Davis to have real solutions to this ongoing and critical problem in Texas.

See more at WendyDavisTexas.com

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