Right Wing Boycotts Girl Scouts Because Of Tweet Mentioning Wendy Davis

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It's no secret conservatives love bashing Girl Scouts. When cookie season begins around this time of year, you'll hear a rise in complaints about the Girl Scouts' so-called radical liberal agenda promoting courage, confidence, character in young women. The horror!

Right wing conspiracy theorists like to talk a lot about how cookie sales fund abortions and are fighting against “family values,” despite any actual evidence of doing so since it's been refuted many times by the organization. The most recent rally cry against Girl Scouts stems from an article the Girl Scouts USA Twitter account sent out about “Women of the Year for 2013” asking “Is there anyone you'd add to this list?”

The article includes a video of women discussing who was their “Woman of the Year,” in which they briefly mention State Senator Wendy Davis. They also list Beyonce and the women of Twitter, providing a wide range of opinions. However, the woman who was most discussed was young Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Malala Yousafzai.

However, we know any slight acknowledgement of Wendy Davis' existence gets conservatives foaming at the mouths. And unfortunately, they can't help themselves from spending their time picking on an organization that's dedicated to empowering young women.

Read more about the conservative attack on Girl Scouts below the jump.Those most outraged by the tweet included racist blogger Robbie Cooper and Ted Cruz's senior communications advisor. LifeNews asked “Are these really the kind of women the Girl Scouts want young girls to grow up to be?”

However, as mentioned before, if you actually watch the video and read the article, the focus is much more centered around Malala Yousafzai than it is Wendy Davis. The article is even quoted to saying so itself: “…but one name that continued to pop up was the woman many said deserved to be named Time Magazine's person of the year — youth activist Malala Yousafzai.”

Malala's fierce advocacy for social justice and access to education has inspired many around the globe. This makes sense for an organization like Girl Scouts to highlight due to the fact that Malala has accomplished so much at the age of sixteen. Girl Scouts is dedicated to empowering young women, so it makes sense that they'd agree Malala is more than deserving of the title “Woman of the Year.” The article shows that strong leadership is not limited by age, race, or gender– and that's what Girl Scouts want young girls to grow up knowing.

As a former Girl Scout myself, I know conservatives would love to connect my pro-choice values to my years in scouting. However, I'd disappoint them in revealing that the “How to perform an abortion” badge doesn't exist, nor was the subject of abortion ever even brought up. I did learn how to be confident and comfortable in my own decision making, as well as how to value and respect the diversity of people and their ability to make their own decisions. Strong leaders come out of Girl Scouts, which is why I wasn't surprised to find out that 70% of female Senators, as well as five current female state governors, are all Girl Scout Alumnae. And that's across party lines.

It's unfortunate that Wendy Davis can't be acknowledged without backlash from conservatives who revert to juvenile name-calling. Davis' journey to overcome obstacles in her youth, as well as her leadership today, is worth the praise of an organization like Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts is about empowering girls to make a difference, and strengthening young women to determine what that difference will be, and that's what the far-right can't stand.


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