Sen. Wendy Davis Endorses David Alameel for US Senate

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In a surprise announcement Monday morning, Sen. Wendy Davis (D) released the following statement in a press release sent by US Senate candidate David Alameel (D):

“Dr. Alameel is an astute and successful business leader who shares my commitment to creating good paying jobs, improving education for all our children and protecting the retirement our seniors have worked hard for and earned. I am pleased to endorse him for U.S. Senate.

David Alameel previously ran for US Congress in 2012 for the newly created Congressional District 33 where he finished in fourth place. Dr. Alameel founded and runs a series of dental clinics in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. A multi-millionaire with an estimated worth of $50 million, Dr. Alameel has the capacity to self-fund in this race for US Senate against Sen. John Cornyn (R). If his money is spent wisely, Dr. Alameel could be the most formidable opponent Sen. Cornyn has faced to date.

In the last year, Dr. Alameel has donated $63,200 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and has maxed out in donations to the re-election campaigns of democratic Senators M. Udall, Begich, Shaheen, Pryor, and Landrieu. He has also given over $1000 to his former opponent, Congressman Veasey.

Early voting for the statewide Democratic primary begins on February 18 and Election Day is Tuesday, March 4.

Also running for the Democratic nomination for US Senate are attorney Maxey Scherr, businessman Michael “Fjet” Fjetland, and physician HyeTae “Harry” Kim. LaRouche activist Kesha Rogers is also running as a Democrat for some unknown reason.

Read what else Sen. Davis had to say about Dr. Alameel in his press release after the jump.

DALLAS — Today, Senator Wendy Davis endorsed Democratic candidate David Alameel for U.S. Senate.  Senator Davis joins a growing list of Texans who are ready for the strong, responsible leadership Dr. Alameel will bring from Texas to Washington DC.


“Dr. Alameel is an astute and successful business leader who shares my commitment to creating good paying jobs, improving education for all our children and protecting the retirement our seniors have worked hard for and earned.  He is a proud veteran who has served our country, loves Texas and loves America so I am pleased to endorse him for U.S. Senate,” said Senator Wendy Davis.


 “I am honored to have the support and encouragement from my good friend, Senator Wendy Davis. Wendy knows I will work hard to make sure every Texan has a real voice in Washington and that I will bring fair and common sense leadership back to our nation's capital,” said David Alameel.


Democrat David Alameel believes in the American Dream because he has lived it himself. He came to America when he was just twenty years old leaving behind his large Lebanese Christian family. He learned with hard work, determination and a good education, he could grow up to be whatever he wanted. He proudly served in the U.S. Army and later received a Dental degree from the University of Texas. He founded a network of dental clinics and brought needed medical services to under-served areas of Texas.


Democrat David Alameel believes in a quality education for all of our children. As our Senator, he will fight to make mega-corporations pay their fair share of taxes and defend Social Security and Medicare, because he knows people who have worked all their lives deserve the right to retire with dignity.


“It's time for hardworking Texans to take priority over selfish politicians and special interests. Like a lot of Texans, but unlike our current U.S. Senators, I know what it means to start out with very little and then work hard to get ahead. When I am in Washington, I will fight for economic opportunity for every Texan. Together, I know we can overcome the challenges we face and make Texas a better place for all of us” said Alameel. 


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