Ted Cruz Panders To Right-Wing Extremists, Rafael Cruz Endorses Pete Sessions' Challenger

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Rafael Cruz, freedom-loving Cuban-Canadian.

Two small items from the Cruz family this week suggest what side they'll be on in the GOP civil war that is brewing here in Texas.

Ted Cruz is appearing at a Tea Party rally this Saturday in Dallas emceed by none other than Michael Quinn Sullivan, head of Empower Texans and central figure in an ongoing ethics investigation for his unregistered lobbying.

MQS and his organizations are, of course, key to the ongoing shift in the legislature towards more right-wing Tea Party ideologues who not only can't govern effectively, they have no intention of doing so. His efforts have led to the ouster of several more moderate GOP legislators, which in turn has exacerbated problems in a state that won't pay for its basic water, transportation, or educational needs.

Now, the business community is preparing to fight back against MQS and his efforts to end civilization in Texas via the Tea Party apparatus. It's no surprise to see Cruz paying fealty to the Tea Party and those who follow MQS — they're the voting bloc that put him in the US Senate over milquetoast Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the first place. But it does suggest that should this GOP civil war truly break open, Ted Cruz will likely ride the Tea Party horse that brung him – even if one of his biggest sources of campaign money is Goldman Sachs.  

More below the jump, including Rafael Cruz's endorsement of an extremist GOP candidate this week.Meanwhile, in “OMG why is this a thing?” news, Ted Cruz's father, who has made himself into some sort of self-styled Tea Party darling owing to his experiences fleeing Cuba for Canada, has endorsed the Tea Party challenger to Congressman Pete Sessions.

Cruz Sr. joined Michele Malkin at an event in Dallas to endorse Katrina Pierson, who is running against Sessions, the former chair of the NRCC. Amusing, the Dallas County Republican Party chair was quick to note that this endorsement would not help Pierson, and that the endorsement did not amount to one from Senator Ted Cruz.

With all due respect to the man from the DCRP, we can let Ted speak for himself, or let his silence speak volumes, as it does in the race between Congressman Steve Stockman and Senator John Cornyn.

In the meantime, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not sure a bunch of Canadians and Cubans should be telling us Americans how to live our lives.  


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