Texas Republican Party Official Endorses South African Apartheid

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State Republican Executive Committee member Sara Legvold

Roanoke, Texas may only have 6,487 residents, but at least one of them has influence in Texas. That resident is Sara Legvold, a current member of the State Republican Executive Committee. These are the people who do everything from set the party platform to recruit candidates to run for office. Unfortunately for Texas, Sara Legvold holds hideous views that belong only in the history books.

In a Facebook post shortly after Nelson Mandela's death, Legvold wrote: “You probably Don't know much about this man except that he battled The Aparthied system in South Africa, a system where almost all blacks had Jobs, food to buy in their stores, and few had AIDS! Now that's all Changed with 50+% unemployment, little food to buy and runaway Inflation further reducing buying power, and Over 20% of the population has AIDS!”

Legvold is, of course, completely backwards on the facts — for one, apartheid was the systemic suppression and slaughter of black South Africans — but think about her position. This is a woman who sits in one of the highest power positions in Texas' controlling party. And she's not done yet: she also recently endorsed a white supremacist group.

More, including screenshots, below the jump.Again on Facebook, astonishingly in a Latino conservative group, Legvold posted a link to Stormfront, the world's leading website for white supremacists. She then defended the website when challenged in the comments, saying “So what. I would bet they post more accurately than the ones you use.”

Republican Party of Texas Communications Director Scott Yeldell tried to distance the party from Legvold by saying, in essence, that they have friends of color:

Executive Committee members are entitled to their own opinions that may or may not be aligned with the Republican Party of Texas' official platform. The RPT does not agree with Ms. Legvold's opinions on this matter and we have been very aggressive in our outreach efforts to minority communities over the past year. We recently hired full time African American and Asian American engagement staff, as well as multiple additional Hispanic engagement staff in our Victory Centers across the state.

It doesn't matter how many feckless positions they add to reach out to communities of color. Texas Republicans pass laws that hurt those communities, like the recent voter suppression law designed to decrease their turnout, and that's what counts.

Think about how depraved a party is if it won't rid itself of an executive committee member who endorses apartheid and a white supremacist group.

The apartheid Facebook post:


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