BOR Elections Weekly Round Up, Nov. 25 – Dec. 1: Are Surprise Retirements Coming?

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Monday, December 9th is the last day for an individual to file for office in the state of Texas for the 2014 general election. To run, an individual must turn in to their county or state political party headquarters either a fixed filing fee or a minimum number of signatures from valid, registered voters who are of the district, county, or state an individual is running in.

While many challengers, with smaller networks of political and financial backers, usually file later in the filing period, many incumbents who are seeking reelection tend to file early. When an incumbent waits until the last possible moment to file, it will make political observers speculate if a surprise retirement is in the works.

Long time political observers will remember the surprise retirement of Majority Leader Dick Armey (R) in 2001 where he announced, with days remaining, he would not seek another term in Congress. His intention in announcing his retirement so close to the deadline was so his son would likely have a clear path to the Republican nomination to succeed him; that plan, of course, did not work out.

With one week remaining, we are still waiting on incumbent Congressmen Louie Gohmert (R, CD-1), Joe Barton (R, CD-6), Joaquin Castro (D, CD-20), Pete Gallego (D, CD-23), Fileman Vela (D, CD-34), and Steve Stockman (R, CD-36) to turn in their paperwork for re-election in 2014. While it is unlikely any of the three freshmen Democrats will retire, the Republicans may not be a sure thing. All three have been rather outspoken members of the TEA Party caucus and have, at one time or another, been the subjects of speculation in a run for US Senate against incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R).

Could Reps. Gohmert, Barton, and Stockman be talking amongst themselves to decide which of the three should be the “conservative” alternative to Sen. Cornyn? Rep. Barton has been in Congress for a long time and may be looking to go out in a big way while Reps. Gohmert and Stockman are not the most predictable members of the Texas delegation.

Update: By the end of Monday, Congressmen Barton and Castro, Senator West, and Rep. Smithee have filed for reelection.

Find out who still needs to turn in their paperwork for re-election to the Texas legislature and State Board of Education as well as who was responsible and got their paperwork in on time within the last week after the jump!For the Texas Senate, only incumbent Senator Royce West (D, SD-23) has not turned his reelection paperwork in yet. Senator West has not released any statements regarding his 2014 plans to date.

There are eleven members remaining in the Texas House who have not filed for reelection or announced their retirement. They are: Reps. Joe Deshotel (D, HD-22), Greg Bonnen (R, HD-24), Charles “Doc” Anderson (R, HD-56), Charles Perry (R, HD-83), John Smithee (R, HD-86), Trey Martinez-Fischer (D, HD-116), Phillip Cortez (D, HD-117), Mike Villareal (D, HD-123), Jose Mendez (D, HD-124), Allen Fletcher (R, HD-130) and Harold Dutton (D, HD-142). Reps. Deshotel, Anderson, Cortez, Villareal, and Fletcher have all previously announced they intend to seek reelection in 2014 and Rep. Martinez-Fisher has said he intends to file as well, but was not willing to close the door on a statewide run completely. Rep. Smithee and Dutton are two of the oldest members who have not said what they intend to do in 2014 and should be watched closely in the last week.

In the Texas State Board of Education, incumbent members Lawrence Allen (D – 4), David Bradley (R – 7), Patricia Hardy (R – 11), and Mavis Knight (D -13) are up in 2014 and still have not turned in their reelection paperwork.

The list of candidates who filed has been compiled from the websites of the Texas Democratic Party, The Texas Republican Party, The Texas Libertarian Party, the Office of The Texas Secretary of State, and the Twitter feed of TX Election Source.

The following candidates have filed to run for office in the last week.

US Senate

HyeTae “Harry” Kim – D

Reid Reasor – R

Maxey Scherr  – D

US Congress

2 – Ted Poe (I) – R

26 – Joel Krause – R

36 – Michael Cole – D

Lieutenant Governor

Leticia Van de Putte – D

Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian – R

Supreme Court, Place 6

Jeff Brown (I) – R

Texas Senate

7 – Paul Bettencourt – R

15 – Damien LaCroix – D

17 – Rita Lucido – D

Texas House

21 – Gavin Bruney – D

23 – Bob Senter – R

30 – Genie Morrison (I) – R

42 – Richard Peña Raymond (I) – D

46 – Dawnna Dukes (I) – D

49 – Elliott Naishtat (I) – D

53 – Andrew Murr – R

72 – Shannon Thompson – R

84 – John Frullo (I) – R

100 – Eric Johnson (I) – D

119 – Roland Guitierrez (I) – D

134 – Bonnie Parker – R

135 – Moiz Abbas – D

150 – Tony Noun – R

State Board of Education

12 – Lois Parrott – D

All of this information and more can be viewed at the following links:

– Statewide Offices

– US Congress

– Texas Senate

– Texas House

– State Board of Education

Did we miss something? Is something incorrect? Please help complete the 2014 database by sending an e-mail to with a linked source on what is missing. The filing deadline for the 2014 elections is December 9, 2013.

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